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How is syphilis manifested?

Everybody has heard about syphilis. He refers to infectious diseases. The cause is pale treponema. For him, relapses are very typical, can be chronic, in some cases almost all human organs can be affected. The disease is common, however, not everyone knows how syphilis manifests. Also not everyone with confidence can name all ways of distribution of the given disease.

How is syphilis manifested?

The first clinical symptom is a hardchancre. It appears in the very place where the infection has penetrated the body. Most often this is a scrotum, pubis, the genitals themselves, from the abdomen. Can appear on the hands, lips, tongue.

Speaking about how syphilis is manifested, it is worthsay that the hard chancroid looks like an oval or round ulcer. The bottom is usually shiny. The size can be from a few millimeters to two or more centimeters. The appearance of a solid chancre suggests that the primary period of syphilis has begun. It will last until the moment when syphilitic rashes appear on the body. In the primary period serological reactions of the blood from the negative to the positive.

The secondary period starts at aboutthe sixth to the ninth week after the first symptoms of the disease appeared. This period can last from three to five years. The infection spreads through the body, and specific rashes are formed everywhere. There is a defeat of bones, soft tissues, organs. The general condition of the body is not spoiled in every case. Speaking about how syphilis manifests, it is worth noting that for the secondary period, headaches, temperature without a cause are characteristic. Patients may suffer from a lack of appetite.

The rashes here are varied. The difference in morphology, and in the arrangement. Subjective feelings they cause only in individual cases. Appear not only on the skin, but also on the mucous membranes. They can disappear without leaving traces.
Spotted rash is the most significant symptom of the secondstage. It can go away quickly, but relapse is inevitable. Often at this stage you can observe a rash in the form of nodules. It can be combined with a spotty rash. Significantly less common are pustular rashes. Most often they can be observed in people with poor immunity.

Recurrent syphilis can cause baldness. Hair falls out not only on the head, but also on separate parts of the body. The skin in the places of alopecia remains in normal condition. Tertiary syphilis occurs at least three years after infection. It comes only if the patient did not complete the treatment on time. The fact is that tertiary syphilis is practically not found today.

With it, not the bodies of the patients are formed bumpyrashes. Rashes may appear in the form of nodes. The tubercle is a globular formation. It is very dense, and the size can be with a hazelnut. Over time, it will start to develop in the opposite direction. It is possible that it will soften with the formation of syphilis ulcers. This will cause large destruction of tissues. It is possible that even bones will be affected.

What should be the treatment for syphilis?

Treatment with water-soluble penicillins is consideredmost effective. It allows you to constantly maintain the blood level of the required level of antibiotics. This treatment is performed under stationary conditions - the drug is administered after three hours for twenty-five days (at least).

Syphilis, the infection that most often occursduring unprotected intercourse, causes great damage to the entire body. Recovery can be long. In some cases, those who have recovered spend years trying to return to a completely normal state.

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