/ Is it possible for the nursing mother to drain? We'll find out!

Can I breastfeed a mother? We'll find out!

Many new feelings and responsibilities appear in theyoung parents with the birth of a child. The mother's menu is often subjected to strict selection, in fact, together with breast milk, the baby receives some substances that are not always suitable for his immature organism. Fruits and berries can cause quite a varied reaction in your crumbs. Let's consider this question, can the nursing mother plum include in her menu?

Can I breastfeed my mother?
First of all, of course, I would like to note thatthese fruits are not only pleasant to taste, but also beneficial to the body. They have a good effect on the digestive tract, having the property to relax. Beneficial effect on cardiac activity, some varieties are good for improving vision. Reducing blood pressure is also characteristic of plums. In its composition, vitamins B, PP, C, A. It is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium.

Perhaps all of its components will bepositive at reflections on the topic, whether it is possible for the nursing mother to drain ... It should be noted and a nuance that in dried form, as in jams, it is much more nutritious than freshly picked. Many dietitians came to this conclusion, studying all its properties.
can nursing mother plum
Quite often you can find such an opinionsurrounding, that at thoracal feeding it is necessary absolutely in all to itself to refuse. These are erroneous conclusions. Equally useful are cereals, vegetables, and, of course, you can breastfeeding mother plums and other fruits. Only the moment is important that it is worthwhile to use them moderately so that there are no bad consequences for the baby. Diet during lactation should be very diverse, for the accumulation of vitamins and trace elements.

Plum feeding mum will help in those moments,when the baby for some reason is too fixed. In this case, you can make him compote. But it is worth emphasizing that a variety such as prunes, in no case can not be given in the form of compote your crumb - it can cause colic.
plum feeding mum
Thinking about whether you can breastfeed your motherinclude in your diet, it is also necessary to take into account its diuretic property, which will affect not only your body, but also on the baby's body, which will make you stock up on a large number of diapers.

But along with all the positive qualitiesthis fruit, there are still negative aspects - it can not be used by people suffering from diabetes, as already mentioned above, is also undesirable to children due to painful sensations in the stomach and threat of diarrhea.

If you still doubt whether it's worth it or not,you can always go to see a breastfeeding specialist who will individually choose the right diet for you, taking into account all the characteristics of your baby's body. Also, your pediatrician can help you with this question, who knows firsthand what can be eaten with lactation, and what should be limited in amounts.

Having looked at all the pros and cons of such a controversialthe question of whether "whether it is possible for a nursing mother to drain", each of you, perhaps, will independently decide whether to include it in your diet or not. Do not forget that the introduction of a new product in your menu is necessary, paying attention to the reaction of the child, and not more than one product in a couple of days.

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