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Traditional medicine: treatment of papillomas in the home

Papilloma is an infectious disease of the viraletiology. Its causative agent is the human papilloma virus (HPV). This tumor, as a rule, is benign in nature and localized on the skin in the form of a papilla. This article describes how to treat papillomas at home.

Treatment of papillomas in the home

Papilloma consists of epithelium coveredblood vessels that grow outward. The papillae are then scattered in different directions, making the skin look like cauliflower. The outgrowths can be of different sizes, in some cases they reach a length of two centimeters. Papillomas can have different colors: white, dark brown, pink. HPV can be congenital or acquired. The virus is usually transmitted through contact with its carrier. Infection often occurs through sexual contact. The adolescents actively begin to form when the immunity weakening occurs. There are quite a few varieties of HPV viruses. Not all of them carry a serious danger to health. However, to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the skin, many people want to get rid of them. Treatment of papillomas in the home can be done quite easily with the help of folk remedies.

How to treat papillomas in the home

Treatment of papillomas at home is prettyit is easily carried out with the use of juice or celandine oil. This plant is poisonous and contains various alkaloids. It is used to treat warts and papillomas. The easiest way to use celandine is to lubricate the neoplasm with its yellow juice. This procedure should be followed several times throughout the day. It is advisable for the night to cover the growth with plaster, greased with celandine juice. However, the oil or plant extract is much more effective in reducing the growth. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. All that is needed to get rid of the built-up edge is to gently spread it with this liquid. Caution! Do not let it get on healthy skin. To do this, you can apply some greasy cream around the surface to be treated. Papilloma rapidly blackens and dies off under the action of celandine oil. A few days later, nothing remains in its place.

Castor oil

Treatment of papillomas at home is prettysimply carry out with the help of castor oil. By this is meant their lubrication twice a day - at night and in the morning. The medicine also rubs around the built-up edge. Papilloma descends in about a month.

Human Papilloma Virus

Treatment of papillomas at home with ammoniaalcohol is not difficult. On a toothpick or a match it is necessary to wind cotton wool, dab it into ammonia and apply to the build-up for a few seconds. It should be ensured that the liquid does not get on the skin around the tumor.

Garlic cream

For its preparation it is necessary to refinegarlic and mix it with any suitable skin cream in a 1: 2 ratio. Every day you should apply a bandage or gauze dressing with this cream for three hours. After the expiration date, it is removed, and the treatment site is thoroughly washed with soap. This procedure should be carried out at least two weeks a day. About a month later the growths should disappear completely.

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