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Avocados for weight loss - one of many ways to be slimmer

The modern name of the avocado plant occurredfrom the ancient Aztecatl. In different countries it is called differently from time to time: somewhere Perseus is an American, somewhere an ovum tree, because the fruit hangs in pairs and is associated with famous male organs, but perhaps the most famous name is the alligator pear, possibly because of rigid peel with pimples of dark green color. In Europe, this fruit appeared much later, widely received and quite recently - in the 20s of the 20 century.

avocado for weight loss


For tropical people, avocados areone of the most important food products. For use in food, only ripe fruits are suitable, tk. unripe - hard, and overripe - oily and friable. Alligator pear is a rich and nutritious product, which contains a lot of vitamins, salts and minerals. Not everyone likes her taste. The flesh of the fruit has a peculiar oily taste with a slight nutty tinge. This fruit is able to improve any dish, a special taste of avocado is good in salads. From a medical point of view, this fruit very effectively protects the liver, cleans and helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, positively affects the cardiovascular system, helps prevent cancer. In addition, the fruits of avocado are used for weight loss. In cosmetics, oil has been widely used, from which a variety of lotions and creams are obtained.

the taste of avocado

Application in dietetics

It would seem that the avocado for weight loss does not fit,as it is considered a rather fatty and high-calorie product, however this is a misconception. The fats contained in the fruits of this fruit are easily digested, they can be called useful. They give the body a feeling of fullness, accordingly, the appetite decreases, the feeling of hunger disappears. Countless useful elements in the fruit help maintain the right level of hormones in the body. In addition, metabolism is restored. We can say that the phrase "we lose weight correctly" reflects the truth, if the decision is made to do this, applying the alligator pear.

we grow thin correctly


There are several types of diets based onavocados, they are ideal for weight loss, they allow you to lose up to 1.5 kilograms per day, but they are quite tough. Here is an example of one of them. For breakfast, eat half of an avocado filled with fat-free cottage cheese. For lunch, half of it (finely chopped), mixed with boiled egg, a small cucumber, add green onions. Dinner again with a similar half of the fruit with low-fat cottage cheese. You can add to this a small piece of low-fat steak. Note that it is necessary to cut the fetus very carefully, because the bone in it becomes poisonous when it comes into contact with the air. Adhere to such exotic diets can be no more than three days. All this time you need to consume a large amount of clean water, only then we can say that we, using the fruits of avocado for weight loss, do everything according to the rules. The reward for these three days of "torment" will be that the kilograms dropped during the diet will not appear again. Avocados for weight loss does not just help to burn fats, it does not allow to accumulate deposits in the future.

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