/ / Causes and symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck

Causes and symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck

Enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes are a problem withwhich confronts many people. After all, do not forget that it is the lymphatic system that is responsible for protecting the body from the adverse effects of the external and internal environment. So what are the symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck? What are the main reasons for this problem? These questions are of interest to many.

Inflammation of lymph nodes on the neck: causes

inflammation of the lymph nodes at the neck of the cause

The lymphatic system is primarily responsiblefor neutralizing the infection. Therefore, any disease of an infectious nature, including infection with fungi, viruses or bacteria, can cause an increase in lymph nodes. Of course, with trauma and injury, pathogenic microorganisms can enter the lymphatic system from the outside. Nevertheless, in most cases, the symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck are manifested against the background of an inflammatory or purulent process in neighboring organs. Risk factors include colds, carious teeth, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, tuberculosis and other diseases of the respiratory system.

In addition, the immune system in the same wayand reacts to the formation of malignant structures. Cancerous diseases are also accompanied by an increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes. People with autoimmune disorders can be classified as a risk group.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck: symptoms

symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck

In fact, the clinical picture in this casecan look different - it all depends on the nature of the pathogen and the severity of the primary disease. For example, with viral infection of the body, the lymph nodes increase, become painful, but all these changes disappear on their own after a few weeks.

But with bacterial infection symptomsinflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck look different, since such diseases, as a rule, are accompanied by the formation and accumulation of purulent masses. Yes, at the initial stages the same symptoms are traced. Lymph nodes in the neck noticeably increase and become firm - they can easily be probed even independently.

In the future comes the so-called serousstage of lymphadenitis. In this case, the skin over the affected lymph nodes greatly swells, becomes hard and hot to the touch. To feel the knots is more difficult. Along with this, there are also the main signs of intoxication - patients complain of weakness, drowsiness, constant fatigue, loss of appetite. Often there is also a fever, nausea.

inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck symptoms

As the disease progresses, symptomsInflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck becomes more pronounced and at the same time dangerous. The skin above the affected knot becomes red and hot. There is a lot of pain, which increases with any touch or even a turn of the head. All these signs indicate the onset of a purulent process. In the most severe cases, a large abscess can be seen under the skin.

In any case, in the presence of any of the abovesymptoms it is worthwhile to see a doctor. The fact is that lymphadenitis is much easier to heal at the initial stages. Undoubtedly, first of all the doctor must determine the nature of the infection, the primary disease and the source of pathogenic organisms. And if in the early stages of effective conservative treatment, with the accumulation of a large amount of pus in the lymph nodes without surgical intervention can not do.

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