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The drug "Etamsilat" (tablets). Instructions for use

The drug "Etamsilat" (pills) instruction on the application refers to hemostatic drugs. Analogues are such medicines as "Ditsinon", "Impedil", "Cyclonamin" and others.

Tablets "Etamsilat". Indications for use

The drug is prescribed for stopping and preventing capillary bleeding (from small-calibrated vessels) in diabetic angiopathies (against the background of increased blood sugar concentration).

"Etamsilat" (tablets)use recommends in otolaryngology for surgical interventions (tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils), microsurgical operations on the ear and others).

The medicine is prescribed in ophthalmology atkeratoplasty (surgical replacement of part of the cornea), elimination of cataracts. Use medicament for anti-glaucomatous surgery and other subtle interventions.

The preparation "Etamsilat" (tablets) recommends the use of instructions in dentistry (with the elimination of cysts, teeth removal and other), urology (after surgery on the prostate).

The drug is widely used in surgical as well as gynecological practice, especially when interfering with excessively blood-supply (vascularized) tissues.

Assign medication in emergency situations with bleeding in the intestine or lungs, as well as in the condition of hemorrhagic diathesis (high bleeding).

"Etamsilat" helps to increaseformation of mucopolysaccharides in the walls of vessels having a large molecular weight. The drug increases the resistance of capillaries, stabilizes their permeability against the backdrop of pathological processes. As a result, microcirculation improves (blood circulation in small-calibrated vessels).

The preparation "Etamsilat" (tablets) (instruction onapplication contains such data) has hemostatic (hemostatic) effect. This property, in all probability, is due to the ability of the drug to activate the formation of thromboplastin. In addition, the drug stimulates the formation of 3 coagulation factors, has a normalizing effect on the adhesion (adhesion) of platelets.

The effect of the drug on clotting time (prothrombin period) has not been established. The medication does not possess hypercoagulable properties and does not provoke the formation of blood clots.

Attached to the preparation "Etamsilat" (tablets)the instruction recommends for the prevention of bleeding to give the patient two or three pieces three hours before the operation. Instead of ingestion, an injection into the muscle or vein is allowed an hour before surgery at a dose of 1-2 ampoules (two or four milliliters).

The maximum effectiveness of the drug for ingestion is observed after three hours, with intravenous administration - after an hour or two. The duration of the action is about four to six hours.

To stop bleeding, one or two ampoules are injected into the muscle or vein immediately, then every 4 or 6 hours in an ampoule or two tablets are given.

To eliminate uterine bleedingthe recommended dosage of the drug "Etamsilat" is 0.5 milligrams orally, or 0.25, bypassing the digestive system (parenterally) every 6 hours. This scheme is used for five to ten days, after which the patient is transferred to receive the drug 0.25 mg orally four times a day or parenterally twice a day during the period of hemorrhage and the last two cycles.

The drug "Etamsilat" is approved for use during the period of bearing of the child. The expediency of using a medicine in this case is determined only by a specialist.

When taking the medication, there may be a headache, heartburn, slight dizziness, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, a lowering of the blood pressure (systolic), hyperemia of the face.

Before using the medication "Etamsilat" you need to consult a doctor.

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