/ Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are many ofWe are ready to diagnose ourselves, overworked at work, experiencing constant stress and feeling a permanent decline in strength. Let's find out how justified the parallels between this disease and the usual malaise.

chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome: symptoms, treatment

Sensation of impotence and regular apathyoften accompany the inhabitants of megacities. Especially those who work in the office and do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle. However, in recent years, these symptoms have taken the form of a real epidemic. In the CIS countries it is not common to handle such complaints to doctors. They are most often attributed psychogenic character and believe that rest should make permanent fatigue retreat. In America, the problem of chronic fatigue was treated with great attention: at the end of the twentieth century, there were conducted studies, the etiology of the above symptoms was carefully analyzed. As a result, a new disease was discovered. All these signs were considered symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms treatment
In 1984, Nevada doctors registered more than two hundred cases of this disease.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndromeDepression, sharp mood swings should be considered. In the blood of all the patients, a new virus was detected, which was called the Epstein-Barr virus. It has a herpetic origin - this can partly explain its property to flow latent and for a long time not to manifest itself. This feature of the syndrome of chronic fatigue explains the difficulties that arise in the diagnosis. Especially because the decline of strength can indicate a variety of other diseases. The syndrome can also be caused by cold diseases of the viral nature or exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes. This disease affects mainly women from twenty to forty years - they account for up to eighty percent of all cases.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome: test and manifestations

Signs of this diseasecareful approach to distinguish it from ordinary fatigue and the constitutionally determined weakness of nervous processes. The feeling that a person lives at the limit of his strength and can not cope with those things that were previously given easily, arises suddenly. Rest does not help. A prolonged sleep does not bring relief. And for a long time there is no improvement. In order to diagnose the syndrome, first, you need to exclude any systemic and chronic diseases. Secondly, apart from a permanent feeling of extreme fatigue, there must be other symptoms - pain in the back, joints and head, unpleasant sensations when you touch the lymph nodes. Also often there is forgetfulness and confusion of thinking, anxiety, some symptoms reminiscent of dystonia (dizziness, numbness of limbs).

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