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The medicine "Ketoprofen". Instructions for use

Ketoprofen is a modern medicineRapid anti-rheumatic and analgesic anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drug. The drug is able to suppress aggregation (gluing) of platelets, have antipyretic effects.

The medicine is released in capsules, tablets,granulate in sachets, as a solution for injection, spray, rinse solution, suppositories (rectal). The "Ketoprofen-Verte" gel is also produced.

The drug belongs to the category of derivatives of propionic (arylcarboxyl) acid.

Medication "Ketoprofen" instructions for userecommends to eliminate pain syndrome of different nature. Indications include, in particular, renal colic, traumatic soreness (damage in knee meniscus, dislocation, ligament rupture, sprain, bruise and other injuries in the locomotor apparatus). The drug "Ketoprofen" instruction for use recommends as a pathogenetic and symptomatic treatment of inflammatory, degenerative joint pathologies. These include psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and arthrosis, extraarticular and articular rheumatism, spondyloarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis. Ketoprofen is also prescribed for osteochondrosis, bursitis, tendosynovitis, tendinitis, arthrosinovitis, periarthritis, polyarthritis.

Retard forms of the drug are recommended for prolonged maintenance therapy at high dosages.

Spray, gel, cream "Ketoprofen" instructions forThe application is recommended for uncomplicated injuries, for example, for ligament and tendon ruptures, sprains, contusion of ligaments and muscles, tendonitis, as well as for swelling and pain after trauma.

The therapeutic course is appointed by a specialist in accordance with the severity and form of the disease.

Tablets or capsules of "Ketoprofen"the application recommends at the beginning of treatment to take in a shock dosage of three hundred milligrams in two or three doses. The maintenance dose is one hundred and fifty-two hundred milligrams a day. Take the drug recommended with food.

Rectal suppositories are usually administered in two pieces (one hundred milligrams) a day, in the evening and in the morning.

Intramuscular injection of the drug "Ketoprofen" does not recommend the use of the instruction for a long time. A day is prescribed for two hundred milligrams, divided into two injections.

For intravenous administration, the maximum dose is set to three hundred milligrams.

Infusion injections of drugs are carried outonly in a hospital. On average, the introduction lasts for thirty minutes or an hour. The duration of therapy with infusions is not recommended for more than two days.

Outer gel "Ketoprofen" is applied with a strip of threeor five centimeters per day no more than three times. The cream can be used three or four times during the day. After rubbing the gel, a dry bandage is allowed.

If necessary and in agreement with the doctormedicinal forms of the drug can be combined. In this case, the total dosage per day can be reduced to one hundred or increased to three hundred milligrams according to the state.

The drug "Ketoprofen" is allowed to be used in combination with analgesics of the central effect.

The drug is contraindicated in leukopenia, gastralgia, dyspepsia (chronic), ulcer in the stage of exacerbation in the stomach and duodenum, individual intolerance.

Suppositories are not used for proctor and proctitis (in the history of the disease, including).

Cream, spray or gel is not used for infected wounds and abrasions, eczema, wet dermatoses.

Capsules, tablets, injections "Ketoprofen" are not prescribed for children until fourteen years of age.

In addition to forms for external use, the drug is not recommended for pregnant women. No medication is prescribed and lactating women.

Before using the "Ketoprofen" tool, you should read the abstract.

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