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Medicinal preparation "Proserin". Instructions for use

The drug "Proserin" (pills, injections) refers to cholinesterase inhibitors. The active component of the drug is neostigmine methylsulfate.

The drug has an effect mainly onperipheral systems, with difficulty penetrating the blood-brain barrier. Characterizing the drug "Proserin", the instruction for use indicates its ability to lower the intraocular pressure, narrow the pupils. The drug provokes an increase in tone and contractility in the smooth muscles of the digestive system, bronchi and bladder, causes bradycardia, a spasm of accommodation. The medicine enhances the work of sweat, salivary and other glands connected with the endocrine system, facilitates the neuromuscular transmission, however, in a large dose it can cause its suppression.

Therapeutic dosages of the drug "Proserin" are nothave a central effect. The action of the drug is noted after twenty to thirty minutes, continues for two and a half to four hours. The maximum concentration of the drug reaches in one to two hours.

Medicinal preparation "Proserin". Application

The drug is shown for motordisorders due to brain trauma, encephalitis, polio, meningitis, paralysis. A remedy is also prescribed for a myasthenic crisis, myasthenia gravis, atony (bladder, intestine, stomach). To the indications for the drug "Proserin" instructions for use include atrophy of the optic nerve, neuritis, glaucoma. The drug is also used as an antidote to muscle relaxants.

Pokapelno appoint a day for 0.5 mg once or twice to adults, children - for a year of life to 0.05 mg (but not more than 0.75 ml of 0.05% solution).

Inside, it is recommended to take 0.015 g per dayfrom two to three times. Duration of treatment is twenty five to thirty days. If it is necessary to repeat therapy, the interval between therapeutic courses is three to four weeks.

To contraindications to the drug "Proserin"the application instruction refers to mechanical obstruction of the urinary tract or intestines, peritonitis, and individual intolerance. No remedy is prescribed for severe atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, bronchial asthma, hyperkinesia, epilepsy. It is not recommended to take the medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

Among the side effects of usingpreparation "Proserin" instructions for use notes nausea, increased peristalsis and spastic contraction in the intestine, hypersalivation (increased salivation). Negative manifestations include arrhythmia, visual impairment, loss of consciousness, weakness, fainting, dizziness, atrioventricular blockade, drowsiness. The use of the drug "Proserin" can also cause increased bronchial and pharyngeal secretion, hypotension, cardiac arrest. Other adverse reactions include allergic reactions, increased sweating, frequent urination, arthralgia, dysarthria, seizures, spasms in skeletal muscles (including in the musculature of the tongue), tremor, bronchospasm, suppression (up to the stop) of breathing, dyspnea.

Overdose with the drug "Proserin"manifested by frequent urination, diarrhea, increased peristalsis, nausea, miosis, cholinergic crisis. In addition, there are jerking of the skeletal muscles and muscles of the tongue, muscle weakness increases, which extends to the respiratory musculature. To facilitate the condition with an overdose of the drug "Proserin" instructions for use recommends the introduction of methacine, atropine and other m-cholinoblocking agents.

It should be noted that injections of the drug "Proserin" are used not only in the treatment of people, but also animals. In veterinary medicine the agent is prescribed in motor function disorders.

Before using the drug "Proserin" you need to consult a doctor and study the annotation.

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