/ / The drug "Zirtek" (drops). Instructions for use

The drug "Zirtek" (drops). Instructions for use

The medicine "Zirtek" (drops) - instructions forthe use of this indicates - is a histamine competitive antagonist blocking histamine H1 receptors. The drug helps to alleviate and prevent the development of an allergic reaction. The drug has antiexudative and antipruritic effect. The drug is active in the early stages of an allergic reaction; at a late stage the drug helps to limit the release of inflammatory mediators, reduces the migration of basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils. "Zirtek" medication (drops) - the instruction for use contains such data - reduces permeability in capillaries, reduces spasms in smooth muscles, prevents the development of swelling in the tissues. Therapeutic dosages almost do not provoke a sedative effect.

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After a single dose of 10 mg of the drug, the onsetthe effect appears in an hour. The drug lasts for 24 hours. After discontinuation of therapy, the effect of the drug persists for three days.

Instructions for the use of Zirtek drops. Indications

Assign a medicine for allergic rhinitis,conjunctivitis seasonal and year-round type. The drug effectively reduces the intensity and eliminates such manifestations as congestion hyperemia, lacrimation, sneezing, itching. The indications include hives, idiopathic in chronic course including, allergic dermatitis, hay fever. The drug is prescribed for angioedema, skin itching, as part of a combined treatment for bronchial asthma atopic type.

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Not recommended "Zirtek" (drops) -the instruction for use warns about it - during pregnancy, intolerance, during feeding. Caution is shown with an average or severe degree of heart failure in a chronic course. Dose adjustment may be required for elderly patients, children. Do not prescribe the drug to patients for up to a year.

The drug "Zirtek" (drops). Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

The medicine provokes disorders in the GIT system,dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches. In a number of cases, allergic reactions may be aggravated: urticaria, angioedema, rash, itching.

Dosing regimen
zirtek drops instructions for use

Before taking it, the drops should be dissolved in water. For patients from the age of six, the dosage is 10 milligrams once or five milligrams twice a day, for children from two to six years, 5 mg per day or 2.5 mg per day.

The medicine "Zirtek" (drops). Instructions. Price. additional information

When taking medication in therapeutic doses, do not takethe intensification of the action of ethanol is noted. However, when using the drug, it is recommended to stop using alcohol-containing products. On the basis of the treatment it is recommended to use caution when driving a vehicle and doing activities that require special concentration of attention. Overdose increases the intensity of side effects. Treatment is symptomatic. Hemodialysis in poisoning is ineffective. The cost of medicine in pharmacies from 200 rubles.

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