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What are physical education dispensaries, and what are they for?

Physical health clinics areindependent medical and preventive institutions that are intended for medical provision with methodical guidance, medical supervision and other non-medicament means of those people who actively participate in sports and physical culture. It is worth noting that such health facilities are headed only by doctors, who are appointed by the health authorities of a given territory.

physical culture dispensaries

Structure of the institution

As a rule, all physical education dispensaries include the following departments:

  • advisory;
  • diagnostic;
  • sports medicine;
  • organizational-methodical;
  • therapeutic physical training;
  • other medical, as well as administrative and business units.

For what purpose? Main functions of institutions

Physical health clinics are necessary for:

  • organizational and methodological guidance and control over the work of medical and sports services to provide (medical) mass occupations of physical culture;
  • medical control over those engaged in sports using non-drug methods for the rehabilitation of people who have undergone diseases and trauma;
  • treatment and supervision of athletes of national teams of the state;
  • analysis of the causes of the injury;
  • the organization of honey. service fees, training sessions, sports competitions and other mass health events;
  • consultations of the population on tempering, health regimes;
  • Examination of a person's work capacity (sports).
    athletic health clinic

Among other things,Physical fitness and wellness dispensary is necessary for studying the influence of phys. upbringing for the development and health of children, the widespread introduction of curative physical culture in the rehabilitation system for people with disabilities, etc., workers, teachers of kindergartens, teachers and teachers, promotion of healthy lifestyles, etc.

As you can see, physical fitness clinics performset of various functions. It should be noted that such institutions can be a clinical training base for honey. universities, schools, as well as institutes for the improvement of specialists in medical control.

Who finances institutions?

physical fitness dispensaries of Moscow
Physical training dispensaries in Moscow and other citiesRussia is a state budget institution, consisting of an independent estimate and submitting a full financial report to the health authority, in whose subordination they are.

In addition, such health facilities can be financed:

  • from the local budget;
  • due to the provision of some paid services to the public;
  • as a result of the implementation of medical-social or additional medical services to some enterprises, organizations, institutions and insurance companies (on economic contracts);
  • by leasing medical equipment or premises;
  • from voluntary donations of institutions, individuals or enterprises;
  • from the sale of unused economic or medical equipment.
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