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What to do, the newborn has a stomach ache? Do not panic!

Disturbance of the gastrointestinal tractis the main cause of anxiety for many babies. Some children suffer from colic for several months, others may be up to six months old, and there are others who have never encountered such a problem. In any case, every young mother asks the question: "What to do, the newborn has a stomach ache?" Doctors are trying to identify the true causes of such violations, but there is no definite answer yet.

Functional immaturity of the enzymatic system leads to increased activity of the large intestine and increased gas production. This is one of the causes of colic in babies.

what to do in a newborn stomach hurts

Each baby has a different sensitivityto the pain: one whines a little and easily calms down in Mom's embrace, the other can scream all night long, and all ways of eliminating the problem bring only temporary relief. So here everything is individual. Experts assure that the atmosphere in the house, the psychological mood of the mother, the level of anxiety have a direct effect on the intensity of colic. So do not panic and do not ask: "The tummy of a newborn has a pain, what should I do?" Take yourself in hand, consult a doctor, listen to yourself and to the crumb. Remember that such a state of the child does not indicate a violation of health. Very soon the situation will change, and you will remember with a smile the moment when you experienced and repeated without end: "What to do, the newborn has a stomach ache?"

Many experts say that colic must be endured. But they give the child a lot of pain. If you can not get rid of colic completely, then at least reduce them to a minimum.

What to do, the newborn has a stomach ache? There are several proven ways:

  1. Pressing the baby to the mother's breast gives a feeling of calm and safety.

  2. Walking around the rooms with the newborn.

  3. If the baby likes to swim, then a warm bath will help.

    neonatal tummy massage

  4. The child can be reassured by a gentle song, which is sung by the mother.

  5. Effectively eliminates the problem of a newborn's tummy massage. Lightly iron it clockwise.

  6. You can turn on the equipment: a fan, a vacuum cleaner - this will distract the attention of the baby. And the sounds of nature: the sound of waves or the rustle of the wind - will calm the crumbs.

  7. A warm diaper on the tummy is good.

  8. Exercise "bicycle" - alternately pressing the legs of the child to the tummy.

To solve the problem, it is very important to observeprinciples of proper feeding. As practice shows, children, breast-fed, much less likely to suffer from pain in the tummy than kids on artificial mixtures. Therefore, if possible, do not give up natural nutrition.

To minimize the occurrence of pain in the tummy, the following rules should be adhered to:

  • aching tummy in a newborn what to do

    When breastfeeding, adhere strictly to the recommended diet.

  • Particularly carefully choose food for an artificial child.

  • Make sure that the baby during the feeding captures not only the nipple, but also the greater part of the areola. So the child will drink milk without swallowing the air.

  • Before eating, put the crumb on your stomach. So the excess air will come out of the intestine.

  • After eating, wear the baby in an upright position so that it spews out.

  • For children on artificial feeding use special "anti-coats" nipples.

Follow all the above recommendations and then the question: "What to do, the newborn has a stomach ache?" will torment you much less often.

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