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The bark of the ant tree - the hope of recovery

The bark of an ant tree or Pau d "Arco isplant antibiotic and immunocorrector with a wide spectrum of action. It is based on the lapachol - a substance with a high biological activity. Due to this component, the preparation has antiviral, anintribenic and antibacterial action. But its main property lies in the treatment of cancer. The unique properties of lapachol were discovered by scientists in the 70s of the last century. In our time, the bark of the ant tree has become widespread and is sold all over the world.

Thanks to its ability to clean lapachol lymphsuccessfully treated with blood diseases. The drug restores hematopoiesis, improves blood circulation, participates in the normalization of blood composition. It can help with leukemia, lymphogranulomatosis and anemia. Unlike various immunostimulants, the drug is successfully used in autoimmune diseases.

The bark of the ant tree creates an unfavorable environment for a variety of parasites, therefore it is included in the antiparasitic phytotherapy programs.

Immunocorrecting properties of the bark allowUse this unique plant in the autoimmune and allergic processes of the body, without fear of their aggravation. Lapachol is used for diseases of the mucous membrane and skin, ranging from allergic dermatitis and ending with intestinal dysbiosis.

The action of the formic crust consists in increasingresistance of the organism, in strengthening mechanisms of humoral and cellular immunity, these properties are especially important in severe immunodepressive conditions and oncological diseases. Lapachol acts on all systems and human organs, restoring disturbed metabolic processes, improves the energy of the organism, activates the processes of detoxification. The drug nourishes and strengthens all tissues of the body, cleanses lymph and blood, it is used to prevent viral diseases in cases of epidemics, during the period of general asthenia.

The bark of an ant tree has the following testimonyto the application. It is indispensable in immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases, urological and venereal abnormalities, otitis, gastritis, dysbacteriosis, vaginal and intestinal candidiasis, blood diseases (anemia, leukemia, lymphogranulomatosis). With the help of lapachol, arthritis, rheumatism, allergies, diabetes, bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases, skin rashes (herpes, polyps, mycosis, eczema, psoriasis), oncology, as well as acute and chronic manifestations caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi are treated. Pau d "Arco will help with tuberculosis, nonspecific chronic lung diseases, ENT pathology, infections of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the genitourinary sphere, liver, stomach and intestinal diseases.The bark of the ant tree helps to get rid of helminthic invasions, pustular lesions of the skin and dermatitis. It is good for inflammatory diseases of ligaments and joints, traumas and fractures, osteomyelitis.This medicine will accelerate the rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative period, it will ease the condition with disease Stroke kina, AIDS and other immunodeficient states. The drug is well affects heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and myo-, phlebothrombosis, thrombophlebitis, it lends itself to diabetes. Lopahol take to prevent fungal, parasitic, bacterial, viral and other infections.

In general, the bark of the ant tree will help many diseases of varying severity. Contraindications for the drug are virtually non-existent, except that the individual intolerance of the drug.

It is very important not to confuse: lapachol - this is not formic acid, the use of which for a person can be dangerous.

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