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The drug "Trileptal". Instructions for use

The drug "Trileptal" refers toantiepileptic medicines. The preparation is available in forms for oral administration. The active ingredient is oxcarbazepine. Absolute absorption of the drug is noted when penetrating the body. The use of food does not affect the speed and degree of absorption. Excretion occurs in the form of metabolites. The mechanism of action of the drug is due to the blocking of potential-dependent sodium channels. This provokes stabilization of overexcited neuronal membranes, oppression of serial neuronal discharges, and a decrease in synaptic impulse conduction. Due to the implementation of anticonvulsant effects, conductivity in potassium ions is noted, modulation of calcium channel-dependent channels. The drug shows efficacy, as a part of combined treatment, and as a mono-drug.

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Medication Trileptal. Instructions for use. Indications

The medicine is prescribed for complex, simplepartial seizures of epilepsy with secondary generalization or without it in patients with a month of life. The drug "Trileptal" instruction for use recommends for tonic-clonic seizures of a generalized nature in patients from two years of age. The medication is also prescribed as a substitute for other antiepileptic medicines if they are ineffective.

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The drug "Trileptal". Instructions for use. Contraindications

It is not recommendedhypersensitivity. Tablets "Trileptal" is not prescribed at the age of up to three years, suspension - up to a month of life. Caution is shown in the presence of liver failure. Against the background of pregnancy the expediency of appointment is established by a specialist. If necessary, take medication during bearing, apply the minimum therapeutic dosage. In the case of the effectiveness of therapy during pregnancy, interrupt treatment should not be due to the fact that the progression of pathology can negatively affect the condition of the fetus and the mother. It is not recommended to take the medication while breastfeeding.

trileptal instructions for use

The drug "Trileptal". Instructions for use

The dosing regimen and the frequency of reception is determined by the doctor in accordance with the indications and tolerability of the drug to the patient. Self-administration is not recommended.

Means "Trileptal". Side effects

Most often on the basis of treatment in patientsthere is fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, diplopia. A headache may also occur. Specialists note that negative reactions are of a transient, transient nature. As a rule, side effects are eliminated independently when adjusting the dosage. In rare cases, with the use of the drug, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypersensitivity reactions complicated by rash and fever, polyorganism disorders, including. To negative manifestations of the use of the drug "Trileptal" the instruction for use refers to the damage of the joints and muscles, lungs, kidneys, liver, anaphylactic reactions, puffiness.

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