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Biologically active additive "Cordyceps": instruction

The growing pace of the modern world andpoor-quality food, which feeds on people, dramatically increases the risk of various pathological processes in the body. Classical medicine offers a huge number of pharmaceuticals, the effect of which (in most cases) is threatened by a number of undesirable effects.

Oriental healers focus onthe body's ability to self-regulation and self-healing. Chinese and Tibetan medicine for more than ten centuries has successfully used the fungus Cordyceps for curing diseases, which is an excellent adaptogen that stimulates the regenerative functions of all organs and systems of the human body. The valuable substance of this fungus is included in the composition of dietary supplements. Phytopreparations containing cordyceps are produced by only a few well-known firms.

The biologically active additive Cordyceps,the instruction to which indicates its complex effect on the body, is able to ensure the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and immune, endocrine and respiratory systems. The drug is recommended for the following purposes:

-for the normalization of blood circulation;

-the treatment of various diseases of the respiratory system;

-to maintain the functions of the endocrine glands;

-in renal ailments.

The biologically active additive Cordyceps,the instruction to which explains the effect of the main active ingredients of the drug, has an antioxidant and immunostimulating effect on the body due to cordycepin. Polysaccharides, with which the extract of the therapeutic fungus is rich, normalizes the functioning of the nonspecific system of immunity and regulates the work of the liver and cardiac muscle. Also these substances restore epithelial cells and have a positive effect on blood circulation, normalize its metabolism and microcirculation.

Included in the drug fungus D-mannitoldeactivates free radicals and peroxide compounds. This process helps slow the aging and restore the cells of the epithelium. The active substance adenosine serves as a regulator of the adrenal glands and improves tissue microcirculation of the heart muscle and brain. This component also stimulates the body's resistance to various diseases.

Microelements contained in the preparation, make up for the lack of calcium, selenium and zinc in the body, which normalizes various physiological processes.

The biologically active additive Cordyceps,the instruction to which indicates its curative effect, positively affects the tissues, organs and systems of the human body. It is recommended for many diseases, namely:

- with pathologies of the heart and vascular system, especially during the rehabilitation period after a stroke and heart attack;

- for the normalization of immunity;

- with arrhythmias;

- with respiratory and genitourinary diseases, which are of an infectious and viral nature, such as urolithiasis, bronchitis and influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia, cystitis and pyelonephritis;

- in the presence of inflammatory processes in the appendages in women;

- with diabetes;

- with the prostatitis;

- with various pathologies of the kidneys and lungs, heart and liver, as well as the brain;

- with hepatitis, which is viral in nature, and also with herpes;

- in carrying out the prevention of cancer and maintaining the body between the courses of radiation and chemotherapy;

- with warts and shingles;

- to eliminate the syndrome of chronic fatigue;

- in carrying out preventive measures aimed at preventing cirrhosis of the liver.

The biologically active additive Cordyceps,the instruction to which draws attention to its beneficial effect on the body, does not stimulate the activity of the nervous system and is not capable of causing insomnia, irritation and increased blood pressure. This fact is especially important for elderly patients.

The vital elixir "Cordyceps", being a natural remedy, outweighs the strength of the positive effects on the body of the famous ginseng.

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