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Unaesthetic couperose, what is it?

Couperose, what is it? This is a common aesthetic skin disease. There is a problem in the blood capillaries, which are clearly visible on the face. In addition to the fact that the appearance of such skin looks unaesthetic, it can be dangerous to health.

Couperose, what is it? In fact, this problem is outwardly characterized by redness of the nose. The most frequent place of localization of the disease is the capillaries on both sides of the nose. The couperose is exacerbated in summer, both during the day and at night.

kuperoz what is it

Kuperoz: what is it and why does it happen?

This phenomenon is not considered a disease as such. The main reason for its appearance is a genetic predisposition. Statistics argue that people with light skin or patients taking on a permanent basis certain certain medicines are the most susceptible to couperose: antibiotic types or blood thinners. Couperose affects avid lovers of alcohol.

Classes of certain types of work, changeweather, natural conditions, factors such as the sun, not only stress the problem, but become its primary cause. In Russia, couperosis is considered quite common. To some extent, many people suffer from it in different periods of their life. It is rather difficult to precisely determine or at least narrow down the list of reasons for the occurrence of such a problem.

Couperose, what is it? It is an extension of the blood vessels, which are very close to the skin. Look places of concentration of couperose as red and dry areas sensitive to heat and heat. Therefore, excessive heat, stress, scratching of the skin can make blood vessels expand or cause damage to small capillaries.

Removal of couperose

Today's medicine does not have unique solutionsthis problem. But to minimize the symptoms and avoid complications, of course, you can. First of all, you should avoid such provocateurs as a sauna, a jacuzzi, hot tubs and a shower. Do not crush or rub the affected area. Exclude the use of any alcoholic beverages.

against couperose

Against couperose it is recommended to use gelsto soothe the skin. It is very good to store the gel in the refrigerator and use chilled. All year round you need to use a daytime protective cream, use headdresses with wide margins.

Basic warnings and goals:

  1. Avoid exposure to sunlight in the summer.
  2. During the day, it is essential to moisturize the skin.
  3. Avoid dehydration of the skin (through cosmetics and vitamins) all year round.

removal of couperose

What will help the beautician

The cosmetologist will choose the right drugs suitable for your skin type, and this:

  1. Timely and correct approach to the problem, which will stop the process and help avoid complications.
  2. The problem of couperose, as a rule, covers only part of the face. It is very important to maintain proper care for different areas of the face, skillfully combine various drugs.

Remember! It is you who can take control of the development of the disease, but under the clear guidance of a cosmetologist!

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