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How to determine pregnancy in the early days without going to the doctors

How to determine pregnancy in the early days, ifthe fruit is still very tiny and even the doctors are not able to say for sure about your condition. The first signs of pregnancy occur before the cycle is delayed. Often happens, that, having seen two strips on the test, the woman thinks: «I and knew, felt approach of pregnancy». Usually the test is just a confirmation of an intuitive guess.

How to determine pregnancy in the early days?
The first days of pregnancy

How to determine pregnancy in the early days? What are the symptoms that indicate pregnancy, and not a possible disease? The most basic symptom is breast tenderness. She has not yet become elastic and has not begun to pour, but her sensitivity has intensified. An increase in body temperature and a slight chill may also indicate an impending pregnancy. Sudden fatigue and drowsiness refers either to the onset of the disease, or to the forthcoming joy of motherhood.

Main features

Only in the presence of all signs determine the symptoms of early pregnancy. What can alert?

- Frequent urge in the toilet for a small need (due to pressure of the uterus on the bladder).

- Morning sickness (most likely, it is the beginning of an early toxicosis).

- A sharp change in taste preferences.

- Delayed menstruation (the most obvious sign that indicates the onset of pregnancy).

Determine the symptoms of an early pregnancy
Taking note of the above characteristics andafter consulting with a doctor, we are preparing to become a mother. Why to clarify the diagnosis you need to see a doctor? That the gynecologist surveyed and put on the account. Pregnant women are subject to medical supervision and periodic blood and urine collection procedures for tests.

Very rare signs

How to determine pregnancy in the early days, ifsensation suggests that inside is a new life, and the listed symptoms do not manifest? There are other signs on which it is possible to determine whether to expect a child or not. Some of them are extremely rare. So, folk ways to determine pregnancy:

- a change in the color of the eyes (they become darker, a mystery appears in them);

- the trace from the leg became deeper (it is checked on wet ground where the woman steps);

- early mazyuschiesya monthly (in fact, this is a small discharge, which will soon pass);

- all the symptoms of a cold (malaise, fever, chills);

- a sense of heaviness in the pelvic region (associated with increased blood flow there);


Getting ready to become a mom
periodic tingling in the uterine region;

- restless sleep;

- increased salivation;

- back pain, not related to the disease;

- Migraine or headache;

- swelling of the hands (occurs as a result of the delay of salts in the body under the action of progesterone);

- gas formation;

- lowering of pressure and increased heart rate;

- Improved appetite and unexpected craving for products that you previously did not like;

- the appearance of thrush (many women complain of itching and discharge from the vagina).

How to determine pregnancy in the early days, notresorting to outside help? First of all, buy a test in the pharmacy. Next, try to analyze which of the above signs are appropriate for you. Match the symptoms with the result of the test - and find out the answer. But do not worry if the pregnancy did not take place: the main thing is to understand the reasons and not worry, another time will be lucky.

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