/ / "Xeroform" (powder): instruction on the use of the drug and reviews about it

"Xeroform" (powder): instruction on the use of the drug and reviews about it

After the acquisition in the pharmacy network of one or anotherThe consumer always studies the instructions. Almost all medications contain an annotation. Was not an exception and "Xeroform" (powder). Instructions for use of the drug will be described for your reference in the article. Also you can learn about the reviews that this medication has.

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Description and form of release

The most common can be found in pharmacy chainsmedicine "Xeroform" - powder. The instruction for the use of the drug says that the manufacturer also produces a medicine in the form of powder and ointment for external application.

If we are talking about a powder, then it includesbismuth tribromophenolate. The drug is practically not soluble in any kind of liquid. The medicine has a specific odor that can be unpleasant to some patients. The agent in the form of an ointment is sold only in prescription pharmacies, where the medicines are made for the intended purpose.

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Indication and prohibition to use

The medicine "Xeroform", the price of which will beis presented to you further, has drying, astringent, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Indications for the use of powder are a variety of skin lesions. These can be open wounds, bruises, bedsores, ulcers. The agent is prescribed for frostbite, burns. Also the composition can be used in infants to accelerate the healing of the umbilical wound. Often pediatricians prescribe a powder with diaper dermatitis.

What important information does the medicine contain?"Xeroform" (powder) instructions for use? The abstract indicates to the consumer that the medicine has contraindications. Do not use the drug at high sensitivity to any of its components. It is forbidden to use the powder during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use medication for children without appropriate doctor's advice.

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Xeroform (powder): instructions for use

Before using the drug, be sure tofamiliarize with the method of its application. Powder is usually poured on the entire damaged area. If necessary, pre-clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide three percent.

When used in children for treatmentdiaper rash and diaper dermatitis, the substance is applied to the skin immediately after washing. When processing the umbilical wound the composition is superimposed after bathing the baby in the evening and in the morning hours.

In other situations, the appointment and scheme of application is given by the doctor. When using an ointment, the dosage and the number of applications are selected individually.

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"Xeroform" (powder): reviews

Consumers say that the describedthe medicine helps to protect the wound from additional infection. Powder creates an obstacle in the path of pathogens. Also, the medicine has a purifying and antimicrobial effect. Users report that the price is quite affordable for Xeroform powder. The cost of the described medication is in the range of 130 rubles.

There are patients who were unhappymedicine. In most such cases, we are talking about the intolerance of the components of the drug "Xeroform". Analogues in this case will help to solve the problem. Doctors say that there are no absolute substitutes for the drug. In some way, it can be replaced by such means as "Boneotsin", "Miramistin", "Iruksol" and so on.

The specialists recall that in the treatment of thesemeans should avoid getting powder in the eyes and mucous membranes. It is also recommended to wash hands thoroughly after application of the formulation. If within a week there was no improvement in the condition, then you need to urgently turn to specialists.

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You learned about the medicine "Xeroform" (powder). Instructions for use are described above. Despite the fact that the drug is applied topically, it is recommended to use the medicine as directed by the doctor. Some wounds and skin lesions require additional treatment with other medications. Take care of your health, contact a specialist and find out everything about the medicine "Xeroform". Do not be ill, a speedy recovery!

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