/ / The drug "Dolobene" (ointment): instructions for use

The drug "Dolobene" (ointment): instructions for use

Medication "Dolobene" is a combined tool that affects blood coagulability. The drug is used as a decongestant and anti-inflammatory agent.

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Therapeutic effect of the drug "Dolobene" (ointment)

The effective components of the medicine aredexpanthenol, heparin, dimethylsulfoxide. The latter substance has antiexudative, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic properties, it improves the absorption of other elements of the drug. Heparin is a substance that inhibits the processes of blood coagulation, has a restoring and anti-inflammatory effect. The active component improves local blood circulation, dissolves blood clots, prevents thrombosis. Dexpanthenol, getting into the skin, is converted to pantothenic acid, improves the recovery of damaged tissues, positively affects the processes of metabolism. The drug is produced as an ointment or gel for external use.

The drug "Dolobene" (ointment): indications for use

The medicine is used for a variety of injuries,acute neuralgia, enthesopathy of tendons, bursitis. With the help of the drug, muscle tendon sheaths, ligament inflammations, tendovaginitis, periarticular structures, joint disorders, muscle damage are performed. There are reviews of various patients that the medication helped to get rid of acute pain with superficial thrombophlebitis, periphoebitis, phlebitis. It is used for trophic pathologies that occur against the background of varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency.

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It is forbidden to use the "Dolobien"(ointment) with hypersensitivity, lability of blood circulation, lactation, bronchial asthma. Do not use medication during pregnancy, violations in the functioning of the liver and kidneys. It is not allowed to administer the drug to children under five. It is not recommended to use ointment together with medicines containing nonsteroid sulindac. Do not apply medicine to skin and mucous membranes.

"Dolobien" (ointment): instruction on the use of medicament


Ointment should be applied up to four times a daydirectly to diseased areas or around lesions (in case of abrasions). Treating the skin with a thin layer of prearat, it should be evenly distributed, performing light rubbing movements. If it is necessary to apply the dressings, take a special material that passes the air. The bandage is applied after absorbing most of the ointment and evaporating the alcohol contained in its composition. The medication is also administered by phonorecrosis, an ultrasound device - an ionophoretic method (electric direct current) is used for this.

"Dolobien" (ointment): adverse drug effects

When using the drug, burning in the area of ​​application, itching, garlic odor and transient erythema can be observed.

Ointment "Dolobene": the price

The cost of the drug is 270 rubles.

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