/ Nootropics. Instruction of "Pantogama"

Nootropics. Instruction of "Pantogama"

The instruction of "Pantogam" characterizes the means asnootrop. The medication is available in various forms. In particular, you can buy syrup, tablets or capsules in pharmacies. The active substance is a gopatenic acid.

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The instruction of "Pantogam" contains information on,that the spectrum of the effect of the drug is due to the presence in its structure of the acid gamma-aminobutyric acid. The mechanism of activity of the agent is directly related to the GABA-receptor channel complex. The drug has an anticonvulsant and nootropic effect. The medicine "Pantogam" (instruction indicates this) contributes to the increase of brain resistance to hypoxia and the negative influence of toxic compounds. The medication stimulates anabolic processes in neurons, while manifesting a sedative effect. It activates physical and mental performance, reduces motor excitability. With alcoholic intoxication of a chronic type and after the abolition of ethanol, the drug enhances the metabolism of GABA. The drug has the ability to inhibit the reactions of acetylation, affecting the mechanism of inactivation of sulfonamides and procaine (novocaine). This ensures a longer lasting effect of these compounds.

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At what pathologies is the agent prescribed?

The instruction of "Pantogam" points to hisefficacy in the treatment of cognitive impairment on the basis of organic lesions in the brain (postpartum BMI and neuroinfections, among others) and neurotic disorders. The indications include schizophrenia with organic cerebral insufficiency, epilepsy, accompanied by decelerations of mental processes. In the latter case, the drug is prescribed as part of a combination therapy with drugs that have anticonvulsant activity. The use of the drug in extrapyramidal disorders (Parkinson's disease, Huntington's chorea, hepatolenticular degeneration and others) is recommended for the therapy and prevention of extrapyramidal syndrome (akinetic and hyperkinetic syndrome) caused by the administration of neuroleptic drugs. A medication is prescribed for psycho-emotional overloads, decreased efficiency, to increase concentration and improve memorization. Indications include neurogenic disorders during urination (mandatory urges, enuresis, pollakiuria and others). Instruction "Pantogam" recommends prescribing a remedy for children with mental retardation of varying severity, with perinatal encephalopathy, developmental delay. The indications include the forms of cerebral palsy, hyperkinetic disorders, neurosis-like conditions.

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How to apply Pantogam? Instructions. Reviews about the drug

In the encapsulated and tabletted formsthe drug is prescribed from three years. For children at an earlier age, a syrup is recommended. The drug is taken orally after a meal after 15 or 30 minutes. For adults, the dosage for one application is 0.25-1 g, for children from 0.25 to 0.5 g. The duration of therapy is 1-4 months in accordance with the intensity of the pathology. The reception frequency is assigned by a specialist. As experts note, the remedy is tolerated by patients satisfactorily. When the prescriptions are observed, the medicine helps to effectively eliminate the symptoms of the pathologies of the nervous system.

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