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"Renorin" for children: feedback from parents and professionals

Currently, there are many drugs fornasal administration. These can be antibiotics, vasoconstrictor and dilating agents, hormonal drugs, immunomodulators and antiviral compounds. This article will tell you about what medicines "Renorin" (for children) reviews receive. You will learn about the prevailing opinion of parents and specialists.

rhinorin for children reviews

The cost and composition of the drug

The medicine "Renorin" (for children) has reviews inMost of them are good. However, many parents talk about the high cost of the medicine. One package of 50 milliliters worth of medicine costs about 500 rubles. Not every family can afford to buy this drug.

Experts state a safe compositionmedicament. Many nasal sprays are banned for more than five days. The same drug is acceptable for use for a long time. It does not contain vasoconstrictor components. It contains only sodium chloride, calcium and potassium chloride.

"Rinorin": instruction for children

Reviews of pediatricians and children's otorhinolaryngologistssay that the described medicine can be used from the first days of life. Note that other similar drugs are only allowed after a year. The frequency of application also varies depending on the problem. The drug can be used as needed up to 6 times a day.

The single dose of medication prescribed by the instruction is 1-3 injections. Children up to a year are prescribed one dose of medicine in each nasal passage.

rhinorin instruction for children reviews

Effect of the drug

About the medicine "Rhinorin" (for children) reviewsthey testify that it very well helps to clean the nasal passages. The product softens formed crusts, it draws liquid from neighboring tissues, thereby relieving swelling. The preparation contains an antiseptic component. It cleanses the mucous membrane of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Often combined with other medicinesmedicine "Rinorin" (for children). Experts' opinions are advised first to cleanse the mucous membranes of the nasal passages with the indicated medicine, after which to apply the medicine. This tactic and treatment scheme will help your baby to cope with the cold more quickly.

On the side effects of reviews say that these occur very rarely. They are expressed in an allergic reaction.

medicine rhinorin instruction application reviews

Short conclusion

You learned how and from what age it is usedmedicine "Rinorin". Instruction, application, feedback are presented to your attention. Manufacturers of medicines produce many analogs of the described agent. To not be lost in such a wide choice and choose the right drug - contact a doctor. The specialist will listen to your complaints, examine the baby and prescribe the medicine that will be effective in your case. Remember that even the safest and most affordable means should not be used to treat children yourself. Often such a careless attitude leads to the development of complications. Strong to you health and easy breathing to your kid!

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