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On the norms: what kind of pulse and what pressure should a person have

In order to monitor their own health,a person should know several indicators. For example, what should be the normal pulse and pressure. With frequent measurement, you can understand whether everything is in order with health.

what pressure should be in a person

It is worth noting that with a pulse all a feweasier than with pressure. Its ideal parameters for a healthy person in a calm state are 72 strokes per minute. To get accurate results, you need to measure your pulse several times throughout the day.


Before deciding what pressure should beto be at the person, it is necessary to consider the basic concepts. What is this pressure? Everyone probably knows that it is connected with the heart. The heart muscle pushes blood and creates pressure on the vessels. That's it for this pressure and need to follow. The main values ​​for measurement are two values ​​- systolic and diastolic pressure. How to understand this? The upper arterial pressure (systolic) - the heart rate at the time of its highest contraction, the lower (diastolic) - at the time of greatest relaxation. The units of measurement of these quantities are mmHg.

signs of low blood pressure in humans
About the norms

So what kind of pressure should a person have? What is considered the norm, and what is already a deviation? In the world of medicine the following pressure is considered ideal: 120/80. But, measuring their indicators, it is necessary to take into account various factors, depending on which it may be somewhat different. So, with age, the figures may slightly increase. There are studies that show that in healthy women the pressure is somewhat lower than that of men. It is worth noting that there is also such a thing as working pressure. This is the blood pressure of a person, under which he feels comfortable. And it can be both above and below the norm.


Having found out what kind of pressure a person should have,It should be noted that if it is different from normal, but is comfortable for a person, do not panic and run to the doctor. But if the arterial pressure is higher or lower than normal and a person feels it, it is better to appear to a specialist. Young people also need to monitor these indicators and in case of deviations do not hesitate and contact the doctors.

norm of pressure in an adult
Below norm

People who have lower blood pressure are calledhypotonic. Their indices can fluctuate around 90-95 mm Hg - upper and 60-65 - lower. But do not be too attached to the figures, they may also differ slightly from these indicators, and still there will be hypotension. The most common signs of low blood pressure in humans: drowsiness, lethargy, reluctance to work, frequent headaches and dizziness. In addition, hypotension meteozavisimy, they react to all weather changes.

Above the norm

Knowing how much pressure a person should have,It is worth considering and indicators above ideal. So, hypertensive people are people who have constantly increased pressure. If the norm of pressure in an adult is 120/80, then in hypertensive patients this figure is higher - 140/90 mm Hg. The danger of hypertension is that it often does not manifest itself in any way, and a person can learn about this disease only with frequent measurement of pressure. There are no special symptoms of hypertension. Seldom can there be headaches in the occipital part, a sensation of a pulsation of blood in the ears.

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