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Treatment of uterine cancer in Israel: how to defeat the disease

Among all cancers in women, uterine cancerIt is on the fourth place and develops mainly at the age of 40-60 years. The representatives of the fairer sex are of the opinion that this diagnosis is a verdict. However, experts of Israeli clinics deny this opinion.

treatment of uterine cancer in Israel
Many women, having treated the cancer of the uterus in Israel, again returned to a full and absolutely normal life.

There are many reasons that lead todevelopment of pathology. The first in this list are frequent abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory diseases, hormonal disorders, prolonged use of contraceptive intrauterine devices or hormonal contraceptives. It has also been established that people who are overweight, who abuse alcohol and cigarettes, are more likely to be affected. In some cases, endometriosis or fibroma can degenerate into a malignant entity.


treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

Treatment of uterine body cancer should be performed inAnyways. The main signs of pathology are significant bloody discharge, which originate from the genital tract. It is for uterine cancer in many cases of bleeding observed during the menopause. Sometimes these symptoms manifest themselves very strongly, which requires urgent hospitalization.

Treatment of uterine cancer in Israel, of course, shouldbe made taking into account all the symptoms. Later signs of an ailment are pain that worries in the lower abdomen. It gives into the urinary canal, inguinal areas, rectum. In advanced cases, there are symptoms that are typical for general intoxication resulting from cancer: weight loss, pallor, general weakness. In the inguinal areas, lymph nodes increase, young women experience infertility, the menstrual cycle is disrupted.

Diagnosis and treatment of uterine cancer in Israel

All women are examined by a gynecologist, and inaged more than 40 years spend ultrasound of the uterus. When there are complaints of pain and spotting, an examination is made in the oncology clinic. When examined, smears are taken, a cervical biopsy is performed. A more accurate picture of the disease can be obtained with the help of computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance examination. If necessary, perform hysterography, use endoscopic techniques using the latest fibrooptic techniques.

treatment of uterine body cancer

Treatment of uterine cancer in Israel: methods

The most radical effective way of treatmentis an operation of extirpation. At the initial stage of the disease, in the absence of metastases, this is enough. In more complex cases, when the tumor has spread to the entire thickness of the uterus and other organs, complex treatment that combines chemotherapy and irradiation will be required.

In the later stages, when to remove the tumorit is impossible because of its spread to the pelvic organs, successfully treated cervical cancer in Israel using the photodynamic method. This method is also used to treat women in advanced age, which is contraindicated in surgery.

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