/ Why is a food supplement necessary?

What is a food supplement for?

Modern food production is notdoes without the use of various preservatives, thickeners and flavor enhancers. Simply put, a food supplement is included in almost every product that we see on store shelves. As a rule, it is not difficult to learn about the presence of this or that impurity, because the producers do not hide anything from the consumer. A complete list of the components of the product is indicated on the package, and the food additive is designated as the letter E with a three-digit number.

It is obtained artificially and is contained infood products in order to extend the shelf life, change its structure or taste characteristics. Many people identify the concepts of "food additive" and "biologically active additive". This is totally wrong, as a dietary supplement, so called BAA is a complex of various minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Supplements are usually taken with food for its best assimilation and to saturate the body with essential trace elements.

To food additives should not be attributedAuxiliary substances, which are actively used in production activities. These can safely be considered the means used in cleaning or clarifying the product. That is, they are used to improve the technological process and obtain a better product without changing its natural taste.

To date, it is impossible to imaginefood production activities without the inclusion of thickeners, dyes and other products. Every day, new, more advanced additives are developed that maintain the ideal appearance of the product for a long time, while maintaining the taste.

Among all the diversity can be identified food additives:

  • Responsible for maintaining a beautiful appearance and maintaining taste characteristics;
  • The so-called preservatives, which are responsible for the preservation of microflora;
  • Used in the technological process.

Taste and beautiful appearance of the productis supported by dyes, flavors, substances that change the consistency and taste of the product, for example, the food additive "Crystal". Preservatives help create a special microbial environment that provides excellent preservation of the product over time. They can be of chemical or biological origin. To additives, actively used in the production, include various disintegrants, bleaches, gellants and other means of such action.

Allocate a huge number of impurities of differentorientation. Their number already exceeds 500 titles. For the purpose of ordering, each food supplement received its own personal identification number, consisting of three or four digits.

It is believed that the most harmful food additiveused in production activities. In fact, impurities obtained by a synthetic method are not as harmful as they seem. After all, each additive before release into mass production passes a cycle of long-term studies and tests that are able to fully reveal its impact on the person's well-being. If there are any slight deviations from the norm, then it will never be allowed to use in food activities.

All newly invented additives pass throughcertification, they are checked by the National Health Ministry for danger to the human body. You should know that with each food supplement there is a certain list of standards and requirements, which is even more stringent than that required for medicines.

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