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You love bananas: the benefits and harm of fruit

Oblong and elongated fruits joined togethera single bunch, a sweet and tempting taste in combination with a piece of melting in your mouth ... All this is about bananas, which all residents of our country, and the whole world love so much. Obligatory visitors as a routine diet, and the decoration of the festival were bananas, the benefits and harm of which can cause doubts among skeptics. But after consulting with doctors, it becomes clear that it is simply impossible to give up fruit, if only because the benefit of a banana for an organism is invaluable.

The benefits of these fruits are much able to speakwomen who use it not for nutrition. With the help of a banana, prepare all kinds of masks that can cleanse the skin, eliminate wrinkles under the eyes, and narrow the pores. All this is possible when a banana is at hand, the benefits and harm of which are easily contested in favor of the former.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that bananascontain endorphins, so-called hormones of happiness, which instantly improve mood. These hormones act on the brain, causing the body to relax and rise up in the ear. And bananas have these substances. It is for this reason that they should often be sick people who recover faster. In addition, it is recommended to use this fruit to students and students who are constantly learning, straining the brain and craving for entertainment. Bananas allow you to activate the work of the brain, which has a positive effect on children. Therefore, they should be included in the diet of children if not fresh, then in combination with the main dishes - recipes for the preparation of bananas there are many. Porridges, juices, salads and pastries with these overseas fruits will always occupy an honorable place on any table, for bananas, the benefits and harm of which goes to the background if one can taste this sweet fruit.

It should also be noted that the banana isvery caloric, which allows him to effectively replenish the energy spent, but this caloric content does not affect the figure at all, so bananas are often included in the diet of diets. It is thanks to these fruits that women will at last be able to better endure the PMS, which causes so much trouble. Fruits successfully cope with this problem.

Because of the vitamin C content, bananas are recommendeduse for the prevention of colds, because of the iron content - for the production of hemoglobin and the fight against anemia. And there are a lot of such useful mineral elements in a banana, it's not for nothing that it can be used in the treatment of heart, kidney, liver, stomach, and also teeth, nails and hair.

By the way, it is this fruit with a systematic use of food can effectively fight with gastritis, due to a favorable effect on the stomach.

To all other, scientists have revealed that bananashelp quit smoking. This is due to their positive influence on the person's well-being. For this reason, it is much easier to fight nicotine addiction. If there is a desire to quit smoking, then a bunch of bananas will be excellent helpers in such a difficult struggle.

Undoubtedly, everyone loves bananas, good and badwhich accompany the fruit everywhere, so it is worth knowing about who is not recommended to use this sweet and soft fruit, understanding the mood. Damage to bananas can be small, but there are contraindications.

First, the banana is contraindicated in people with diabetes. This is due to the fact that the fruit contains a large number of saccharides, affecting the level of sugar in the blood.

Secondly, bananas are contraindicated in people suffering from high coagulability of blood. The properties of the fruit are such that they remove a lot of water from the body, which is contraindicated to people with the abovementioned disease.

In the rest, bananas have a positiveimpact on everyone, which can not but rejoice. Everyone from childhood likes bananas, the benefits and harm of which do not greatly affect the desire to eat this fruit. Certainly, every family is happy to buy and enjoy the taste of these overseas fruits, which have perfectly taken root in Russia.

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