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Estradiol is raised or lowered. Causes

Estradiol is a biologically active substance. It belongs to steroids and circulates in the blood in combination with globulin, which is responsible for the binding of sex hormones. In women, estradiol is secreted by the ovaries and adrenal cortex, in men - by testicles. In addition, it occurs during the formation of androgens (sex hormones).

reduced estradiol
The importance of estradiol

In men, this estrogen affects educationejaculate, improves oxygen metabolism and participates in the regulation of the nervous system, promotes an increase in blood coagulation, stimulates metabolism, is responsible for sexual desire.

estradiol elevated
In women, this compound affects the formation ofsexual system, mental and physical condition. Under its influence, follicles grow, the thickness of the endometrium increases. In addition, it is responsible for the formation of a female figure and a healthy kind of skin.

In the female body, estradiol is maximizedin the late follicular phase. After ovulation, its concentration decreases. A high level of this hormone is also observed during pregnancy. In postmenopause, his level is lowered. Estradiol in this period reaches a concentration that is normally characteristic of the male body (is 15-71 pg / ml).

It should be noted that such fluctuations in the concentration of estradiol are considered physiological, but there are a number of pathologies that are also accompanied by a change in the level of this hormone.

Estradiol is elevated: why?

The raised level of the given steroid is observed at following pathologies:

• disorders in the functioning of the thyroid gland;

• Follicle persistence;

• presence of cysts or tumors in the ovaries;

• Estradiol increased with gynecomastia;

• cirrhosis of the liver;

• endometriosis;

• obesity.

In addition, estradiol is elevated when taking certain medications (for example, anabolic steroids).

The most common etiologic factor in the growth of the level of a given hormone in the body of a man is excess weight, a violation in the secretion of testosterone or a lack of zinc, as well as age-related changes.

Estradiol is lowered: etiology

If we talk about the causes of a decrease in the concentration of estradiol, we should note the following etiological factors:

analysis of estradiol

• Smoking;

• physical exercise;

• disturbances in the pituitary gland;

• endocrine diseases;

• hormonal imbalance;

• vegetarianism;

• a sharp decrease in weight;

• hypogonadism;

• chemotherapy in oncopathology.

Determination of the concentration of estradiol

With hormonal imbalance, the endocrinologist,as a rule, recommends donating blood in order to conduct an appropriate laboratory analysis. Estradiol is determined under certain conditions - the analysis is done on an empty stomach. Women need to donate blood for 3-5 days of the cycle. The day before you should limit physical activity. It is also forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol.

The most frequent indications for laboratoryDiagnostics are irregular menstruation, infertility, uterine bleeding in women, as well as signs of feminization and hypofunction of the gonads in men. When a low or too high level of estradiol is confirmed, the doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment.

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