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The drug "Ftalazol": instruction

The drug "Ftalazol" recommendsuse for the treatment of acute dysentery (amoeba), colitis, enterocolitis, gastroenteritis, paratyphoid infections, for the prevention of purulent complications after operations on the intestine. The main form of release of the drug are tablets, which are packaged in a contour cell box.

The drug "Ftalazol". Instruction: composition, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics

The active substance of the tablets is phthalylsulfatiazole(phthalazole). The auxiliary components include povidone, potato starch, anhydrous anhydrous colloidal, calcium stearate, talc, magnesium stearate.

The drug is relatively slowabsorbed in the stomach, intestines, where more of its number is delayed. Here it also decomposes to sulfatiazole, which has a sufficiently high antimicrobial effect. The effectiveness of the drug is due to the creation of large quantities of this substance in the small intestine, which is very slowly absorbed and eliminated.

The drug is active against almost all Gram-negative, Gram-positive microorganisms. The active substance (phthalylsulfatiazole) exhibits bacteriostatic action.

The drug "Ftalazol". Instruction: How to use, dosage

In acute forms of dysentery, sixgrams of the drug per day. In the future, the dosage and the number of procedures gradually fall. The duration of therapy is thirty days. For other forms of infection per day, two grams of the drug are recommended. It is necessary to take the drug every six hours. In the next two days, the dose is reduced by half.

The drug "Ftalazol". Instruction: side effects, contraindications

Among the side effects is the emergence offever, rash, signs of insufficiency of B vitamins, which is observed due to oppression of the intestinal microflora. In more severe cases, aplastic anemia develops, agranulocytosis.

Contraindications to the use of the drug are hypersensitivity to its components, the presence of Graves' disease, blood diseases, acute hepatitis, age (up to 3 years).

The drug "Ftalazol". Instruction: special instructions

In some cases it is advisable to applythis drug in combination with antibiotics (sulfonamides), which have good absorption indexes. With caution, the drug is prescribed to patients who are diagnosed with nephritis or nephrosis.

The drug "Ftalazol" during pregnancy is used in extreme cases. It is able to penetrate the fetus through the placenta, causing unwanted toxic effects.

The drug "Ftalazol" when using lactation is also not recommended, because it is absorbed into breast milk and harm the child's health.

The drug does not affect the skills of managing dangerous mechanisms, vehicles.

It is necessary to pay attention to possibleinteraction when using drugs of other pharmacological groups. The drug is incompatible with paraaminosalicylic acid (increased toxicity), oxallicin (decrease in its activity), nitrofuran (increases the risk of development of methaemoglobinaemia, anemia), calcium chloride (decreased function of blood coagulability).

When an overdose of the drug occursit is necessary to cancel it and wash the stomach with a 2% solution of sodium hydrogencarbonate or a suspension of activated carbon. In this case, it is also recommended to use a lot of liquid with increased alkalinity.

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