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What are the causes of rash on the hands?

Human skin is very sensitive to bothinternal changes in the body, and to external influences. A rash on the hands and feet is a reaction of the body to the influence of certain factors, so it's impossible to say at once about the reasons for its occurrence. In any case, it is best to consult a specialist who, after a primary examination and taking several tests (if required), will determine with precision the causes of skin rashes.

causes of rash on hands

The reasons for the rash on the hands may be different. Let's look at the most common ones. The first and main is an allergy, which can occur both under the influence of external and internal factors. That is, small pimples on the skin - a reaction to the hair of pets, washing or cleaning products, cosmetics or food, drinks, medicine and so on. It should be noted that with this disease, the rash usually occurs in a small area, not particularly spreading over vast areas. It can appear in absolutely any place.

The external causes of rashes on the hands are penetrationinfectious pathogens, that is bacteria, through the broken integrity of the top cover of the skin inside the body, for example, through the wound. This manifestation is very often observed in those who are engaged in physical work, where the hands are constantly in a dirty state, but there is simply no way to wash them.

rash on the hands and feet
In this case, a small rash appears, whichIt causes a lot of inconvenience due to the fact that it causes severe itching. In addition, severe redness can occur on the affected area and even swelling, but a small area of ​​the skin is also affected by infection.

The causes of the rash on the hands, as well as on the neck, face,buttocks and in the folds of the skin, characterized by extensive rashes and severe itching, can be different. In the presence of small rashes only on the hands can talk about contact dermatitis, which is caused by an allergic reaction to a drug, for example, an abrasive detergent. If redness and rash are common throughout the body, it is atopic dermatitis, which can be not only acquired, but also hereditary. In addition to itching, there is also dry skin, and abundant ecdysis in its origin. If such a disease is left without attention, it will lead to the fact that the skin will coarsen with time, and the treatment will be particularly hard and long-lasting.

colorless rash on the hands
If you have a colorless rash on your hands,more like a goose, then, most likely, it's a reaction to some medicine or food. Most often, such a rash does not disturb its owner with irritation, flaking and itching, so they notice it, as a rule, not immediately. However, the reasons for the rash on the hands of a color similar to the corporeal may not be so simple. As practice shows, in this way the following diseases can begin: dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. In any case, a similar problem should always refer to a dermatologist.

Before contacting specialists, no treatment init is not necessary to conduct an independent procedure, but you can soothe the itching and irritation. In this case, cold packs and compresses will help you. For a more effective exposure, you can use a cold chamomile broth and even ice cubes.

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