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Effective treatment of cystitis

One of the unpleasant diseases thatessentially spoils life, is cystitis. Inflammation of the bladder mainly affects women because of the characteristics of their anatomy. If the cystitis treatment is not performed correctly, then the person condemns himself to constant meetings with him and the development of serious complications.

An important guarantee of effective therapy for this isdisease is the timely treatment of the patient. At the first symptoms of cystitis it is necessary to visit the urologist. For its successful treatment, it is necessary to identify all pathogens. Among them there can be both conditionally pathogenic flora and STD.

Analyzes that should be given for symptoms of cystitis:

  • common urine and blood;
  • smear on the flora;
  • sow urine with an antibioticogram;
  • sowing on a microflora with an antibioticogram;
  • PCR scraping (herpes, cytomegalovirus, HPV, gonococci, chlamydia trachomatis, trichomonads, mycoplasma genitalia);
  • sowing on mycoplasma and ureaplasma with an antibioticogram.

It is also desirable to investigate blood for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis.

It is important to undergo a comprehensive examination beforereception of any preparations. Of course, with acute cystitis, the results of the tests are not expected and therapy is prescribed. However, the treatment regimen, if necessary, is supplemented after they are received.

Cure cystitis at home by yourself, usingadvice of friends, it is impossible. Avoiding antibiotics also does not work. The use of natural preparations and fees gives good results, but only as an addition. They are also useful for preventing relapse.

It is important to understand that the symptoms of cystitis canpass and themselves, however it does not say about the cure. Simply, the disease has passed into a chronic form, and any provoking factor will cause its aggravation. Treatment of cystitis in this case is much more complicated. It will take a lot more time and money.

Frequent recurrences of the disease lead toirreversible changes in the wall of the bladder, over time, its normal functioning is disturbed. This can lead to urinary incontinence, cancer, reduced capacity, constant pain.

Quite often the inflammation spreads to the kidneys, leading eventually to chronic pyelonephritis. This disease contributes to the onset of kidney failure.

So, how is a person treated with cystitis treated?no longer wants to face him? Therapy necessarily contains antibacterial, immune, antifungal drugs. It is necessary to include in it drugs that normalize the microflora and support the liver.

After 3 weeks of monitoring. Mandatory analysis of urine (general and sowing). When treating of any STDs, their PCR and ELISA diagnostics are performed. If there are deviations in the tests, the doctor will prescribe a second course of therapy, perhaps another or several drugs will be used.

After treatment, preventive courses are conducted. They can contain herbs, uroseptics, immunomodulators, drugs that restore the liver and microflora.

It is desirable to conduct urinalysis (total and sowing)every month. In addition, it will be useful to visit a dentist and an otolaryngologist, because carious teeth and chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx can promote recurrence of cystitis.

In the chronic course of the disease, it is necessary to make a cystoscopy from a good doctor. He will assess the degree of damage to the wall of the bladder, and prescribe a therapy.

To cure the cystitis was successful, it is strictly forbidden:

  • there is smoked, pickled, salted, spicy;
  • drinking coffee, alcohol, fizzy;
  • supercool;
  • to be subjected to strong physical stress;
  • to have sex without a condom, in general it is better to completely abandon it during therapy.

So, effective cystitis treatment is a processlong and laborious, especially if the disease is started. Doing the course of some antibiotics will not work. A comprehensive examination is needed, including on STDs. During the year, you need to take tests and take preventive courses.

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