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The liver aches: symptoms, prevention and treatment of its diseases.

One of the largest and most important bodiesthe human body is the liver. During the day, the liver releases from 1 to 1.5 liters of bile, which takes part in digestive processes, stimulates the peristalsis of the colon and breaks down fats. The involvement of the liver in digestion is its main function in the human body. However, it also performs secondary functions: barrier and participation in the metabolism.

Barrier function is a passthrough the liver of blood enriched with nutrients, which are absorbed in the intestines and stomach. Here, chemical substances are disintegrated, poisons and alcohol are neutralized, viruses, bacteria and infections are destroyed. Now it becomes clear why the liver so often hurts. In addition, the liver produces such important components for the body as glycogen, albumin, globulin, etc. They are produced from carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fats contained in the blood. From this follows a simple conclusion that the liver plays the role of a filter between the circulatory and digestive systems, as well as the source of nutrients. When the liver hurts, in the human body there are failures of the cardiovascular system and other systems.

Of the main symptoms of liver disease, you canhighlight: nausea, malaise, general weakness, bitterness in the mouth, pain in the right hypochondrium, jaundice on the skin, poor performance, etc. If the liver is aching, what to do - it is necessary to seek help from a doctor who, depending on the symptoms, examination and analysis. Based on the survey, you can draw definitive conclusions and prescribe effective treatment. All liver diseases are divided into two groups: the defeat of its cells (hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.), a violation of bile excretion (malignant tumors, cholelithiasis, etc.) In addition, quite often symptoms of liver disease are neuropsychic disorders. Such disorders are expressed by inhibition and irritability, arise as a result of poisoning and intoxication with bilirubin. Because of such poisonings, the risk of a patient falling into a coma increases. Therefore, when the liver is sore, it is time to diagnose and treat such diseases.

Prevention of liver disease.

The most effective disease preventionliver is the maximum reduction of harmful effects on it. The most harmful effect on this body is alcohol. Even the use of alcohol in small doses causes the body to work for wear, and its frequent use quickly leads to the destruction of the liver. Even greater harm is caused when drinking alcoholic beverages with fatty foods, such as shish kebab. If the liver does not hurt yet, then it is necessary to revise your diet and to exclude from it frequent use of fatty foods. It is necessary as less as possible to eat fried in oil products, fatty pieces of meat. The most preferable is baked and boiled food, vegetables and fruits, it is better to refuse from sharp spices and additives. When heavy loads on the liver for preventive purposes, it is useful to use hepatoprotectors and enzyme preparations.

As often as possible it is recommended to useproducts containing vitamins for the liver. These include: nuts, sea buckthorn, wild strawberry, dog rose, currant. In order to avoid pain in the liver, it is necessary to eat foods rich in trace elements such as selenium and zinc. They are found in pistachios, seafood, wheat, eggs, fish, broccoli, garlic. Quite often, the cause of cancer and cirrhosis of the liver is hepatitis. To prevent these diseases, it is mandatory to get vaccinated against hepatitis.

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