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Congenital syphilis is the fault of the parents.

Syphilis is a dangerous venereal disease,the causative agent of which is pale treponema (Treponema pallidum). For the first time this disease was discovered in the fifteenth century and was considered absolutely incurable, since the level of medicine was far from the same as now. Today, syphilis is easily cured due to the appearance of modern and effective drugs. But, there is a problem of revealing the initial stage of the disease, which greatly complicates the treatment in the future.

Infection occurs during the contact of a healthyand a sick person. There are two types of infection: sexual and domestic. Household contamination usually occurs through household items, which the sick person used. But, according to statistics, most often the cause of the appearance of syphilis is sexual contact.

The first manifestations of infection is a hardchancre, formed at the site of the pathogen. The chancre is localized on the genitals of both men and women. Very often there is syphilis on the lips and nipples, less often on the scrotum and pubis.
Secondary signs are recurrent rashes on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes. Syphilis also enters the mouth.

In addition, there is congenital syphilis,which is transmitted from mother to fetus during the period of gestation. If a child is born, he has very little chance of survival. In this case, of course, innocent children suffer, since infection occurs even in the womb of a sick mother. The causative agent of treponema penetrates the placenta to the fetus in two ways: through the umbilical vein and the lymphatic system. Infection during pregnancy entails premature birth or the birth of dead children. There is congenital syphilis of the fetus, infants, children from one to four years and from five to seventeen.

The defeat of the fetus, when infected with this disease,occurs by the fifth month of pregnancy. At this time, a severe change in all internal organs and the bone system is manifested, which subsequently leads to miscarriages and the birth of a dead child. There is not a single organ that is not affected by this disease.

Congenital syphilis of childhood hasthe following symptoms - anal condylomas, tight knots on the skin surface, abundant hair loss, damage to bone tissue and testicles. In the future, the nervous system is affected, mental retardation is observed and the optic nerve is dying.

Late congenital syphilis isthe resumption of a childhood illness, with incomplete treatment. There are two kinds of signs: reliable and probable. The first include the presence of barrel-shaped teeth, inflammation of the cornea and partial or complete deafness. Probable signs imply deformation of the skull, high temples, saber-like shins, absence of the xiphoid process, and others.

A child with rashes on the skin is very contagious,so when you care for him, you need to use rubber gloves, and then disinfect your hands. All children with congenital syphilis should be placed in a venereal hospital for treatment. Only systematic treatment from the first month of life can give a chance for a full recovery. A sick child needs good care and rational nutrition. During treatment, penicillin and its derivatives are usually used. If it is not possible to inject, children are prescribed phenoxypenicillin, but only in a double dosage. At the end of the treatment, the children must always be under the supervision of the doctor for another five years. And when you reach puberty, you need to undergo a full clinical and serological examination.

Remember that the treatment started in time is a short way to recovery.

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