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"Kromogeksal", nasal spray: reviews, description and instructions for use

Allergic reactions are a frequent companionmany people. Unpleasant symptoms of such a disease will be a runny nose, nasal congestion, lacrimation and other signs. All this greatly spoils the quality of people's lives. Therefore, a variety of antihistamines have long been developed. They can be produced in the form of tablets, syrups, drops, nasal sprays and so on. This article will tell you about a medicine with the trade name "Kromogeksal".

Nasal spray reviews are in most positive. You will learn more about them. Also you will be able to find out some important information from the instructions for use.

kromohexal spray nasal instructions for use review

general description

About the preparation "Kromogeksal" (nasal spray)instructions for use, reviews of doctors and the manufacturer report the following information. A drug is produced in the form of a solution, which is in a container under pressure. Each time the piston is pressed, the composition is sprayed. The main active substance of such a preparation is sodium cromoglycate. One dose (injection) contains 2.8 milligrams of this component.

Also, the manufacturer produces a medicine in the form ofdrops. They are mainly used for the eyes. The cost of such a drug is about 100 rubles, whereas a spray-based agent costs no more than 200 rubles.

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Indications for use

It is used for treatment and for preventionmedication "Kromogeksal" (nasal spray). Instruction, the manufacturer's reviews say that the main indication for use is allergy. At the same time, it can already have bright manifestations or be at the stage of development. If a person is prone to the occurrence of annual pollinosis, then the remedy can be recommended as a preventive.

Indication for the use of the drug is alsois allergic rhinitis. It can be caused by plants, animals, household chemicals or dust. The origin of the allergy is not as important as the main symptoms of its manifestation.

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"Kromogeksal": nasal spray (doctor's reviews)

Experts say that it is accurate enough anddescribes in detail the main indications for the application annotation. However, it is not only in these cases that the use of a medicament is recommended. The medicine has an anti-allergic effect, relieves itching and swelling. It can be used for quite a long time. This is plus such medications.

The drug is often recommended to persons withmedical rhinitis. To get rid of the constant use of vasoconstrictors, doctors prescribe an antihistamine composition that removes swelling. Gradual abolition of this drug leads to complete recovery of the patient. Also, the drug is also used to treat adenoids. As is known, the inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsils is manifested by the separation of mucus, congestion, nasal congestion and snoring.

Limitations: pay attention to contraindications

Despite the fact that he has the medicine "Kromogeksal"(nasal spray) reviews are positive, some people do not use it. The drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to its components. In addition, you need to consider additional components. In this case it is sodium chloride, sorbitol liquid, benzalkonium chloride and so on.

Spray nasal and eye drops are not recommendeduse during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The instruction prohibits prescription of medicines to children under the age of 5 years. However, doctors say that in some cases the drug can be used in pediatrics. Contraindication to the use of medication is hepatic and renal failure in the acute phase.

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Mode of application

The agent is injected into the nasal passages. Adults and children older than 5 years of medication is shown by one injection in each nasal passage. In severe allergic reactions, the frequency of application can be increased to 6. However, after relief of symptoms, it is worth returning to the previous dosage.

What they say about the drug "Kromogeksal" (spraynasal for children) reviews? As you already know, some pediatricians and otorhinolaryngologists practice this use. However, the dose of the drug for babies should be significantly lower. Usually prescribed one dose in each nostril up to three times a day. It is advisable to start with a smaller portion. Doctors remind that independent use of the drug in children is unacceptable.

The duration of therapy depends on the severitydisease. Instructions for use advise to use the medication for not more than one month. At the same time, as soon as relief has come, the dose gradually decreases by one every week. Subsequently, it is allowed to use the medication alone only when it comes into contact with the allergen.

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Negative opinions

Most reviews about this drug -positive. But some consumers are not very flattering opinions about the treatment. There are recorded cases when a drug instead of treating an allergy only strengthened this reaction. In this case, it was about the intolerance of components. The allergy to the medicine can be manifested as follows: burning, swelling of the mucous membrane, sneezing, itching, lacrimation and so on.

Consumers also say that the use of the drug can lead to a change in taste. However, in this situation, therapy is not canceled.

"Kromogeksal" (nasal spray): reviews

As you can already find out, the medicine haspredominantly positive characteristics. Above you are presented to the drug "Kromogeksal" (nasal spray) price. Customer feedback reports that it is very attractive. Many anti-allergic formulations related to glucocorticosteroids cost several times more. While the effect of the therapy is practically the same.

Patients report that the medication is not always"Kromogeksal" acts instantly. The maximum effect of treatment comes in about 12-48 hours. Therefore, do not immediately increase the dose in the absence of a noticeable reaction. Wait two or three days and, if necessary, increase the intake, according to the instructions or recommendations of the doctor.

Doctors are not advised to start medication therapy"Kromogeksal" independently. Before applying the spray, consult a doctor. You may need to take some tests. However, the effect of properly selected treatment will be faster and more noticeable.

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Instead of concluding

You learned about the drug "Kromogeksal"(nasal spray). Reviews about him are different. That's why you should not go on about the consumers and strongly listen to their opinion. Symptoms of allergy and severity of the disease in each person are different. If you have any symptoms, consult a specialist. The doctor will pick up for you individually tailored therapy.

Do not forget that the medicine canstrengthen the effect of other antihistamines. If you additionally take oral antiallergic drugs, then be sure to inform the doctor. Their dose should be adjusted.

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