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The medicine "Tramal". Instructions for use

The drug "Tramal" refers to opioidanalgesics. The drug has a pronounced analgesic effect due to the agonistic effect on the receptors of the opioid class in the central nervous system. The active substance is tramadol. The medication has sedative effect. When taken at a therapeutic dose, there is practically no change in the parameters of hemodynamics, respiratory depression. With the control of the implementation of therapy, it is unlikely that addiction and addiction will develop, and if symptoms occur, symptoms are poorly expressed. On the background of oral intake, absorption is 90%, bioavailability of the drug is 68% (increases with prolonged admission). The drug has the ability to pass GEB, the placental barrier, is found in milk.

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Medication "Tramal". Instructions. Appointment

The drug is recommended for pain syndromedifferent nature of strong and moderate intensity in the postoperative period, on the basis of injuries, after a heart attack (parenteral). The agent is prescribed to the oncological patient when performing therapeutic or diagnostic manipulations.

Medication "Tramal". Instructions. Dosage regimen

The medicine can be taken inside as after,before, and during the meal. Drops are dissolved on a piece of sugar, the capsules are swallowed, not chewed, washed down with water in the required volume. Suppositories "Tramal" the instruction recommends to enter into the rectum.

Dosages are set in accordance withthe course of pathology, the intensity of soreness. A single amount of medication for patients with fourteen years is 50-100 mg. In the absence of satisfactory anesthesia after a single application, after an hour, a dose of 50 mg is repeated. To eliminate severe pain, as a rule, a dose of 400 mg per day is sufficient. With oncological pathologies, in the postoperative period, the use of the drug in an increased dosage is allowed. For patients with the year in the form of drops / injections, the agent is prescribed at a rate of 1-2 mg / kg body weight. On day 4-8 mg / kg is the optimal therapeutic amount.

The medicine "Tramal". Instructions. Side effect

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Medication can cause frustrationappetite, tachycardia, cerebral cramps, dry mouth, collapse or fainting, a rash or redness on the skin. On the basis of therapy, there are likely to be abnormalities in behavioral reactions, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle weakness. When using the product, it is likely to increase sweating, difficulty swallowing.


The medicine "Tramal" (instruction warns aboutthis) is not recommended for conditions complicated by depression of the central nervous system or the respiratory center of a pronounced type, on the basis of drug withdrawal syndrome, with liver failure, hypersensitivity. Do not prescribe medicament concurrently with MAO inhibitors and within two weeks after discontinuation of their preparation. During pregnancy and lactation, medicinal therapy is allowed only for vital indications.

Means of "Tramal". Instructions for use. Price

The cost of the medicine is about 120 rubles.

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