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The drug "No-shpa" (pills). Instructions for use

The drug "No-shpa" has a strongspasmolytic effect on smooth muscles. The mechanism of activity is due to the inhibition of the enzyme phosphodiesterase. The drug is effective for spasms of both muscular and neurogenic origin. When taking medication, there is a decrease in the tone of the smooth muscles of the bile ducts, the gastrointestinal tract, and the organs of the genitourinary tract. When ingestion the drug is fully and quickly absorbed. The maximum concentration reaches 45-60 minutes.

The drug "No-shpa". Composition

but the price of the pill

Tablets include the active substance -hydrochloride of drotaverine. The component is able to evenly distribute in tissues, to penetrate into cells of smooth muscles. There is a slight penetration of the products of the decomposition of matter through the placental barrier. Metabolized drotaverin in the liver. It is excreted in the urine.

Means of "No-shpa" (pills). Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is recommended for spasms in the internalorgans, peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic gastroduodenitis. Indications include colic in the liver, manifestations of cholelithiasis pathology, postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic cholecystitis.

but the composition of the pill
Medication "No-shpa" (pills) instruction onapplication recommended for spasm in the vessels of the brain, peripheral, coronary arteries, pyelitis, urolithiasis, dyskinesia (spastic), proctitis, tenesmus. Assign a remedy, if necessary, to reduce uterine contractions and eliminate spasm in the neck during delivery, as well as to reduce spastic manifestations during instrumental examinations.

The drug "No-shpa" (pills). Instructions for use. Contraindications

Do not prescribe medication for insufficiency(severe course) in the kidneys, liver, heart, at the age of six. Contraindications include rare intolerance to galactose, malabsorption syndrome, lactation, hypersensitivity to components. Caution during treatment is observed with arterial hypotension, during pregnancy.

The medicine "No-shpa" (pills). Instructions for use. Side effects

The drug provokes a decrease in pressure,palpitation, constipation, nausea (rarely). Some patients experience insomnia, headache, or dizziness. In some cases, allergies are noted on the basis of intolerance.

but the tablet pills instructions for use

If the condition worsens or if there is no effect of therapy, you should visit the doctor, stopping the medication. Before using the medication, you should read the annotation.

Dosing regimen

Tablets are taken orally. On average, the daily dosage is 120-240 mg. The total amount of the drug is divided into two or three doses. Once allowed to take no more than 80 mg. Children from six to twelve years of age are prescribed no more than 80 mg. It is recommended to take the drug twice a day. From the age of 12, the dosage is 120 mg. In a day for children of this age, the maximum amount of medication is 160 mg divided into two or four doses.

Medication No-shpa. Price

Tablets in pharmacies can be purchased within a hundred rubles.

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