/ How to recognize the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?

How to recognize the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?

Do not underestimate the various diseases that can occur against the background of fatigue, considering their appearance laziness or writing off them for "seasonal" avitaminosis.

symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
For example, the symptoms of chronicfatigue (CFS) indicate a serious enough disease that should be treated immediately to avoid more serious ailments. As a separate diagnosis of CFS was first raised only in 1988, but the number of cases of this disease rapidly increased. It should be noted immediately that the syndrome of chronic fatigue, the prevention of which should be carried out under the supervision of a physician, is not at all typical, and its pathogenesis is not very clear for physicians. Complete diagnosis of CFS is possible exclusively through clinical studies, and in order to clearly identify this ailment in humans, one should find one symptom pronounced and at least six not expressed too clearly.

In principle, if we talk about the symptoms of the syndromechronic fatigue, then first of all come to mind a sense of fatigue and apathy. However, with this, fatigue does not go away even after a certain amount of rest, or after a decrease in motor activity, at least in half.

chronic fatigue syndrome prevention
In a more simple language - a person resting,but feels very tired even after a palpable amount of time. But do not forget about the small signs, which are in a certain muscular discomfort, painful sensations in the area of ​​the lymph nodes (and in some cases, even fever and temperature increase are possible). Of course, as an additional support may be depression and a decrease in the quality of memory.

Some Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndromecan resemble even the onset of a cold infection, when there may be pain in the throat and lymph nodes, the appearance of laryngitis, dizziness, anxiety, chills, and unexpected pains in the chest of a noisy character.

chronic fatigue syndrome
Unfortunately, because of such phenomena sometimes happensthe formulation of an erroneous diagnosis, which leads only to a worsening of the patient's condition. However, here one should pay attention to the fact that such symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome do not disappear when they try to cure them with antiviral drugs. Accordingly, this is the first signal to think about the nature of their appearance and to find the reasons for an atypical state for a person.

Speaking about the treatment of this disease, it is immediatelyto warn, that doctors are engaged in it with less hunting, and some workers of medicine and at all do not consider СХУ for illness. Nevertheless, the neurologist, ENT and therapist are obliged to investigate the patient in case of suspicion of having such a diagnosis. There is a certain set of measures, by means of which the chronic fatigue syndrome is cured. Treatment with folk remedies can be more effective than taking psychotropic medications.

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