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The drug "Termopsol". Instructions

The drug "Termopsol" is very popular in the treatment of cough. The instruction for its use refers to this medication as an expectorant, which is of vegetable origin.

Active active substances in the compositionThe preparations are the following: dry grass thermopsis laccent in the form of powder and sodium bicarbonate. A plant that plays the role of one of the main elements of a medicinal product is popularly known as a mushroom. Drinking grass is another name for it. This perennial plant belongs to the family of legumes and is collected for use as raw materials in June and in July. It is used in medicine stem, leaves and flowers. The medicinal herb lactate has a rich chemical composition. It includes homothermopsin and alkaloids such as thermopsin, anagirine and pachycarpine, methyl cytisin and saponins, ascorbic acid and tannins, mucus and resins, and thermopylancine, which is an ester. Thermopsis has long been used in the recipes of folk medicine men. At present he is very popular in scientific medicine.

Tablets are the drug form of the drugThermopsol. The instruction for its use describes them as a medicament of a flat-cylindrical form, having a greyish-green color. The auxiliary substances included in the tablets are talc and potato starch.

Pharmacological effect on the bodyis due to the active ingredients included in the composition of the drug "Termopsol". Instructions for its use give a complete description. The medicinal herb of thermopsis produces an expectorant effect due to a process that causes mild irritation of the gastric mucosa receptors, which contributes to a reflex increase in the secretion of the bronchial glands. Alkaloids that enter the chemical composition of the plant (pachycarpine and thermopsin, thermopsidin and cytisine, methylcytisin and anagirine) excite the respiratory centers, and in large doses - vomit. Another active component of the drug is sodium hydrogencarbonate, it helps stimulate the secretion of the bronchial glands and reduce the viscosity of the produced sputum.

Traditional medicine uses medicinal herbsin the form of infusion. It is used for colds and inflammations of the lungs, as well as for flu and headaches. The infusion of the herb of thermopsis is used and as antihelminthic agent. Scientific medicine recommends the use of the drug "Termopsol", reviews of which indicate its high therapeutic effectiveness, as an excellent expectorant.

The drug is prescribed for pathological conditionsupper respiratory tract, which are accompanied by an unproductive dry cough. These diseases include bronchitis and tracheitis. The drug is used as part of complex therapy. During the course of treatment, sputum is separated more easily. Cough turns into productive. The drug reduces the viscosity of sputum, increasing its volume. As a result of this process, the upper respiratory tract is released and the inflammatory plaque is removed.

There are cases when there are contraindications touse of "Termopsol". The instruction prohibits the administration of this medication with increased individual sensitivity to its components. Contraindicated use of the drug in peptic ulcer diseases of the stomach and duodenum (in connection with irritation of the mucous membrane). Do not prescribe medication for breast children suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia. Taking the drug may cause the lungs to fill with phlegm, which is dangerous for the life of the baby, who can not yet cough on its own.

Contraindicated taking medication"Termopsol" during pregnancy, as pachycarpine, which is one of the constituent components of a medicinal plant, contributes to increased tone and increased contraction of uterine musculature. This effect on the body can cause a miscarriage.

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