/ / Meningitis in children does not suffer procrastination ...

Meningitis in children does not suffer procrastination ...

The word "meningitis" already in itself causes anxiety among parents, because it is very difficult to establish this disease, and delay in treatment is fatal.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges(spinal cord or brain). In children, the disease can be complicated by a common infection of the blood, which is facilitated by meningitis and this condition is extremely dangerous for life. If the disease is diagnosed in time, the chances of recovery are quite high (provided that the right treatment is timely), however, meningitis threatens with complications that significantly worsen the quality of life.

A distinctive feature of meningitis in children is a rapiddevelopment of the disease. Just a few hours after the first complaint, the child can be completely broken, tired. All the symptoms of the disease speak of an infectious component in the etiology, however, it is difficult to establish an accurate diagnosis. Serous meningitis in children occurs due to the penetration of Yersinia, rickettsia, malarial plasmodium, toxoplasm, leptospira, and many others.


Meningitis in children manifests itself in different ways, andthe symptoms themselves appear chaotic. At any suspicion of this disease, parents should know the "golden rule" - immediate hospitalization in a children's institution and an early examination with a specialist. Only in this case the risk of complications is minimal, and the chances of recovery are increased.

In newborns and preschool children meningitiscan be manifested by fever, nausea, vomiting. Children refuse to eat, babies cry loudly without stopping. If the child has not yet closed the fontanel, then at this place you can notice bulging. The skin of the children pale, it can be noticeable spots of a different shade with uneven edges ("marble skin"). Breathing shallow, frequent. The general condition can be either excessively inhibited (weak reaction to external stimuli) and hyperactive (the child commits convulsive movements with limbs, can not long be in one position). Usually when the meningitis of the brain shells the muscles of the neck become numb, at any turn of the head the child feels a sharp pain. Sharp sounds, bright light annoy the child. Such a reaction in the first time leads to further disturbance of consciousness and coma.

Meningitis in children gives and skin signs - inFirst of all, these are rashes of different sizes. The rash acquires a rather pronounced bright red color, which is not confused with an allergic rash or another. When pressing on the skin, the rash does not disappear, the skin becomes slightly bluish. Children at this time can feel cold extremities, pain in the muscles. Such symptoms appear first in most cases. For first aid, the administration of antibiotics, which the doctor must appoint, is necessary.


In most cases, meningitis in children is causedinfection (a bacterium or a virus). Modern medicine has isolated some of them and now the children are given preventive vaccinations. However, some strains mutate and can be dangerous. Most often, meningitis occurs in children who have weakened immunity.


The most important task of a doctor is as early as possiblediagnose meningitis in children. If the blood test and other indicators indicate infection and inflammation, then the lumbar puncture may be decisive. With the help of this analysis, it is possible to diagnose purulent meningitis in children.


It should be done only in a hospital forsupervision of a doctor. Intravenously administered a dose of antibiotics that will fight infection, and to reduce the swelling of the brain given special medications. If there is a general infection of the blood, then rehabilitation measures may require the connection of an artificial respiration device.

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