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Rapid pulse. Methods of struggle.

In the normal state, the heart rate is60-80 strokes (depending on age) per minute and corresponds to the frequency of contraction of the heart muscle. The pulse is calculated by palpation of the radial arteries on the left and right arm. Both there and there arteries should have a similar frequency.

Human pulse studies provide an opportunitymedicine to obtain the most important information about blood circulation and the work of the heart. Today, there are a lot of complaints from people who have a rapid pulse. Naturally, such a phenomenon can not but affect the health of a person, but not everyone is able to determine what caused this state. Some people simply do not dare to go to the doctor, hoping that the bad state of health itself will ever pass. And some do not even suspect that they have a high pulse now. Treatment of this problem is carried out by stabilizing the way of life of a person.

A rapid pulse can be caused by externalreasons such as prolonged stay on the feet, a lot of physical activity. If you are involved in sports and you have such a problem, it is best to revise your training schedule, and maybe it's better to give up sports at all.

If a high heart rate causes differentmedications, consult a doctor about this. Give up various bad habits: smoking, alcohol, overeating (yes, it can also be attributed to the category of bad habits). Usually, if you do not do this, your heart rate will stabilize. Quitting smoking is a very important step in life, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Limit the intake of table salt. The optimal option will be consumption of no more than 5 grams per day. Studies prove that, the more the amount of salt consumed, the greater the level of systolic pressure. Instead of the usual salt, you can use sanasol in amounts up to 3 g per day.

After emotional stress, takesedatives, but make sure that they do not harm you. Tincture from motherwort, valerian and mint allows you to reduce the rapid pulse after an emotional shake.

Be very careful if at restthe pulse reaches a mark of 90 beats. This fact, quite possibly, indicates the presence of a disease called tachycardia, which leads to complications associated with the heart muscle. Be sure to visit the cardiologist, in order to identify the cause of tachycardia. In this case, taking medications that reduce high pulse may not be enough, then more serious methods of treatment will be required.

If the pulse reaches up to 200 beats per minute,Urgently call the ambulance. While the doctors are on the road, do the following procedures. Try to induce a vomitive reflex. Take deep breaths with your mouth and exhale sharply, keeping it closed during the whole process. In the area of ​​the inner corner of the eyeball, lightly press the envelope, holding the finger in this position for several seconds. Massage the part of the neck where there is a region of pulsation and carotid artery (people do not want to do such a massage).

A rapid pulse is an alarm bell fora person who monitors his own health. It is best not to get treatment at home and seek help from specialists who will conduct a comprehensive examination.

The pulse rate throughout life is not one andis the same. In newborn infants, the pulse can reach 140 beats per minute. Closer to six years, he drops to 100 beats per minute. By the age of 18, the pulse is approaching the adult norm. You should know that women have a slightly higher pulse rate than men (the difference is about 6-8 strokes).

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