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In what cases should antibiotics be used with throatyngitis

Of all the diseases a person most often encounterswith diseases of the upper respiratory tract, most of which are contagious. One of these ailments - pharyngitis - is a kind of manifestation of a viral infection, in which inflammation of the pharynx occurs. The disease can be caused by bacteria, for example, streptococcus, which is the causative agent of angina. Before using antibiotics for pharyngitis, you should find out what is the causative agent of the disease: a virus or a bacterium. After all, the treatment will depend on it.

antibiotics with pharyngitis
Forms of the disease

This disease can occur in a chronicor in an acute form. Acute pharyngitis can appear under the influence of other diseases, both viral and infectious. Chronic form can arise due to neglect of the disease, and it can subsequently worsen. The acute stage of the disease is often confused with tonsillitis, although these are completely different diseases. Depending on the stage and origin of the disease, treatment is prescribed. To use or not antibiotics at a pharyngitis, the attending physician can solve only.

Symptoms of pharyngitis

Like any other disease, pharyngitis hasits features and symptoms, the main of which is the appearance of sharp cutting pain in the throat. Also, signs of the disease can be considered dry cough, bad breath, burning sensation in the pharynx, fever, lymph nodes may increase. The acute form of the disease is characterized by the appearance of mucus and pus. In addition, there may be an unpleasant sensation of perspiration in the pharynx, and when the food is swallowed, pain may occur.

than to treat pharyngitis
Treatment of pharyngitis

How to treat this disease and when it should beuse antibiotics for pharyngitis? This question can be answered only by a qualified specialist, and only after all the necessary tests have been completed that will confirm the diagnosis. In addition, treatment also depends on the form of the disease: acute or chronic. Treatment of acute pharyngitis consists in the following: abundant warm drink and frequent rinses of the throat. Rinsing solutions can be different: a solution of furacilin, an alkaline solution, a decoction of chamomile or sage. Also, with pharyngitis should adhere to a certain diet and exclude from the diet is too hot or cold, as well as acute and sour, as such products will only further irritate the pharyngeal mucosa.

treatment of acute pharyngitis
Antibiotics for the treatment of pharyngitis

To understand what to treat pharyngitis, you needto establish the cause of the disease. In no case can you do self-medication, because all medicines should be recommended only by a competent specialist who will choose the optimal course of treatment for the speedy recovery of the patient. Fortunately, that for today the choice of medicines is extensive, and there are more and stronger and safer medicines that will not harm the immune system and in a short time will cope with the disease. Antibiotics for pharyngitis the doctor can appoint if the causative agent of the disease are bacteria. Very often, antibiotics of topical application "Bioparox" are prescribed. It is injected into the pharynx cavity after rinsing. Inside, antibiotics such as Clindamycin, Amoxicilin, Erythromycin, and Lincomycin can be prescribed. Medicines and their dosage are set by the doctor for each patient individually.

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