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Medicinal product "Ubihinon compositum". Instructions for use

The drug "Ubihinon compositum"the instruction on which application describes it as a homeopathic preparation, produces antioxidant and immunostimulating, biostimulating and detoxifying, as well as metabolic effect. This is a natural medicine of a wide range of effects on the body.

The drug "Ubihinon compositum", instruction forwhich is introduced to the main area of ​​its use, is prescribed in the treatment of degenerative pathologies of internal organs that are chronic. The drug effects on the body by activating the functioning of detoxification mechanisms due to the unlocking of enzyme systems. The form of this drug is a solution for injection.

The drug "Ubihinon compositum"the instruction to which explains its basic properties, produces an effect on the body, conditioned by all the substances that make up its composition. Thanks to ubiquinone, the homeopathic preparation stimulates the defenses of the body and normalizes the intermediate metabolic processes, and also promotes detoxification. Included in the composition of the vitamin B vitamins, as well as vitamin C and nicotinamide improves the functionality of various enzymes. Other active substances have a strong therapeutic effect when passing the course of getting rid of the following pathologies:

- catarrhal phenomena, enteritis, cystitis and distyreosis;

- gout and articular rheumatism of chronic and acute form, inflammatory processes in the kidney and digestive system, as well as outflows in the body cavity;

- disorders of the gallbladder and liver;

- Depression, neoplasms in internal organs and cerebral sclerosis;

- suppuration in the mucous membranes with the appearance of ulcers, polyps, inflammatory processes and colic in the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder;

- formations of ulcers (especially in language), kidney stones;

- pain in muscles, violations of the respiratory process in cells;

- chronic skin diseases (eczema and suppuration, as well as various inflammatory processes);

- lesions of connective tissue, bleeding, tinnitus;

- febrile infections;

- hypovitaminosis;

- lack of minerals;

- the consequences of the course of radio and chemotherapy.

The drug "Ubihinon compositum", instruction forwho explains the methods of its use, is prescribed in the form of subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular and intravenous injections. The introduction of the drug two hours before the radiotherapy increases its effect on the body. The drug provides significant help with critical intoxications (influenza, abscesses, catarrhs).

Contraindicated this homeopathic remedywith individual sensitivity to the substances contained in it, as well as pregnant and lactating women. An adverse effect may be the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

Biologically active additive "Ubihinon" withcoenzyme Q10 is widely used in medical practice. It is prescribed for the treatment of heart and vascular diseases, periodontosis, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. The use of this drug enriches the diet with ubiquinine. Saturation of the body with this valuable substance helps slow the aging process and stimulates immune defense. Nutritionists use the drug "Ubihinin" in various programs to correct body weight. In this case, the effect is produced as a result of the normalization of the processes of exchange and energy supply throughout the body. You can use the substance ubiquinone in tablets by purchasing such drugs as "Kudesan" (for children), "Kudesan forte", "Kuten", "Time Expert", etc., in the pharmacy network.

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