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Sore throat: how to treat pharyngitis at home?

Diseases of the throat become especially common during the cold season. They can manifest themselves in different ways. One of them is pharyngitis, which is an inflammation

How to treat pharyngitis in the home
throat. It is easy to confuse with angina, but in case of pharyngitis a large area of ​​the mucous membrane is affected. You can get sick because of cold weather, long conversations in the open air, smoking, taking hot or spicy food. Also, pharyngitis can result in secretions with sinus inflammation or viral infections. Whatever the reasons, when developing the disease you need to consult a doctor who will tell you how to treat pharyngitis at home.

With pharyngitis, painful sensations arise inthroat when swallowing. They can respond in the ear. Pershenie, fever, inflammation of the mucous nasopharynx, runny nose, purulent discharge - all this is a suite of pharyngitis. Children suffer the disease heavier, so all parents need to know how to treat pharyngitis at home.

Causes of pharyngitis

For treatment it is necessary to eliminate the factor that has becomecause of the disease. If it's bacteria, then antibiotics are prescribed. During treatment, you need to give up cigarettes and irritating food. Prescribed rinsings, inhalation herbal decoctions. These are the simplest ways to treat pharyngitis at home.

Today pharmacies offer many tablets forresorption, sprays, which have antimicrobial, antibacterial and anesthetic effects. They are often used in therapy and have a positive effect. As a rule, such drugs are enough to eliminate symptoms of pharyngitis in acute form. But if the disease is caused by group A streptococcus, then it is accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils, fever, nausea. In order to be cured, it is necessary to take antibiotics such as "Amoxicillin".

Treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy
How to treat pharyngitis in the home, if itsform - chronic? There is little to eliminate the symptoms, although they are less pronounced than in the acute form. Pledge of cure - to destroy the causes of pharyngitis. Among them may be: curvature of the nasal septum, which is the result of an inflammatory process in the nose of mucus that flows down the pharynx wall, fungal infection, decreased immunity, chronic gastritis, thyroid disease. Eliminating the cause is the only way to say goodbye to chronic pharyngitis. Local treatment with this form has a short-term effect.

Chronic pharyngitis can be manifested inhypertrophic form, when the lymph nodes are enlarged at the back and side of the pharynx, the catarrhal form, when the pain is accompanied by reddening, atrophic form, when the mucous is depleted.

Treatment of a chronic form can take up to a year and requires an integrated approach.

A separate issue is the treatment of pharyngitis withpregnancy. This process should only take place under the supervision and guidance of a physician. No independent therapy should not be used, as taking drugs and some herbs can harm the health of the fetus and the mother. Rinses and inhalations are prescribed only by a qualified technician.

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