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Gastrofarm remedy: instructions for use

The drug "Gastrofarm" refers to combined medicines, which are prescribed for gastrointestinal pathologies.

Therapeutic effect of the drug "Gastrofarm"

The instructions for use say that the medicine is able to regulate the functions of the digestive system, stimulates the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and stomach.

gastrophaph instruction manual
The composition of the medicament includes a variety of lacto-and bifidobacteria, polysaccharides, polypeptides, alpha-amino acids, nucleic acids, lactic and malic acids. A significant amount of protein causes antacid and analgesic properties of the drug. The effectiveness of the medication is confirmed by the testimonies testifying to the improvement of the patients' condition in a short time. Tablets have a rounded shape, smooth edges and a mosaic structure of a notch. They are poorly soluble, have a specific sour-sweet taste and beige-cream color. Each capsule contains viable dried lactobacilli cells and products of their vital activity.

Indication of the medicine "Gastrofarm"

Instruction for use explains that the medicamentprescribe for peptic ulcer, pain and heartburn in the epigastric region after a violation of diet, smoking, drinking and taking medication. The drug is used for acute gastritis and chronic, accompanied by excessive acidity.

Gastrofarm: instructions for use, feedback

Pills should be used 30 minutes before meals.

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They need to be crushed or chewed, and whenswallow thoroughly with water. Children after three years are prescribed half the pills, adults are recommended to use 1-2 pcs. On the day the medicine should be consumed three times. If necessary, the amount of the drug is doubled. Patients say that they felt relief after a week of using the medication. In general, the optimal timing of therapy is determined by a doctor, the standard course of treatment lasts a month. For prophylaxis apply 2-3 tablets a day.

Side effects of the drug "Gastrofarm"

Instruction for use indicates that in the recommended doses the preparation does not cause negative reactions. Patient feedback and clinical studies confirm the harmlessness and nontoxicity of the drug.

Contraindications to the drug "Gastrofarm"

Instruction for use shows thatmedicament can not be given to children under three years old, as well as people who have a hypersensitivity to its components. The advisability of prescribing tablets during lactation and pregnancy should be evaluated by a doctor.


Analogues of the medicine "Gastrofarm"

Instruction for use states thatThere are no analogues in the preparation that fully correspond to the pharmacological action and properties of the medicament. One pharmacological group includes preparations "Yazbin", "Plantatsid", "Mukogen", "Dalargin", "Gastrofit".

Medication "Gastrofarm": price

The cost of the drug is 100 rubles for 18 capsules. Store the drug in a dark and dry place, where the air does not warm above 25 degrees.

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