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"Physiomer" (nasal spray for children): instruction manual and doctor's comments

Runny nose to date is one of themost common diseases. To successfully combat it, patients have tried many drugs. The most effective result was shown by "Physiomer". Nasal spray for children well disinfects the nasal cavity, prevents the growth of bacteria, relieves congestion, swelling.

Form of release and components of the medicinal product

Sea water, or sea-water, is the main andthe only active component of the drug "Physiomer". The nasal spray for children is sold in vials of 115 ml, 135 ml and 210 ml. Contains sterile isotonic liquid consisting of seawater, which in its qualitative characteristics is close to sodium chloride by 0,9%. It is a colorless, odorless liquid.

In addition to the bottle, the kit includes a convenient silicone nozzle with a soft tip and instructions for use.


No drug cares so carefully fornasal cavity, as "Physiomer". Nasal spray for children removes mucus from the nose, stops the discharge, removes puffiness, helps the nose to breathe and restores its patency. Prevents the otitis.

physiomer nasal spray for children

Contained in the medicinemicroelements (constituents of sea water) have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfectant effects. Normalize the functioning of the ciliated epithelium, which, in turn, increases the resistance properties of the nasal mucosa. Prevent penetration of pathogens and viruses, cleanse the nose. Effectively removes the swelling of the nasal cavity.

The drug belongs to the pharmacological group of anticongestants.

Indications for use

physiomer spray nasal

Well proven in the fight against the common coldin children from two weeks of life the "Physiomer" remedy. Spray nasal for children is used in the period of acute respiratory infections, with acute respiratory diseases of the nasal cavity. So, the appointment to use the drug is rhinitis of varying degrees of complexity. Use the medicine for preventive purposes, to prevent the reproduction of bacteria. They are also used for hygienic care of the nasal mucosa. It is recommended as a regenerative agent in the postoperative period (in the nasal region).


physiomer spray reviews

Even the most effective tool iscertain contraindications to the use, the exception was the drug "Physiomer". Spray nasal has no limitations to use. The drug can be used for pregnant and lactating women. In addition, if you do not neglect the usage rules specified in the instructions, side effects will not occur. There were no cases of overdose. Despite this, the spray should be used only after consultation with a specialist.

Method of application of the preparation "Physiomer"

physiomer spray children's reviews

Spray (reviews once again prove the effective effect of the drug on the nasal cavity in the period of illness) is used intranasally.

During treatment of acute respiratory infections and nose diseases,nasopharynx drug prescribed for children aged two weeks and older, as well as adults. In this case, every day, 2-4 washings of each nostril should be performed alternately. If necessary, the amount of irrigation can be increased.

Not less successfully used for warninginfection in the nose and nasopharynx drug "Physiomer". Spray for children (reviews about it say that it effectively clears the nose) is recommended to use one wash each nostril alternately. If it becomes necessary, the drug can be used more often. Similarly, the drug is used for hygiene purposes.

Before using the product for the nose nozzleshould be worn on the cylinder. Children under the age of two years are flushed in the "lying" position. For these purposes, the child's head needs to be turned to one side, one on one side. Insert the nozzle into the nostril and press on the nebulizer. These manipulations will ensure the full washing of the nasal sinuses. Next, you should put the baby and help him blow his nose. Then the procedure with irrigation of the nasal mucosa should be repeated.

Children of the age category of two or more years, andalso adults, can carry out the procedure sitting, tilting the head to one side and inserting the nozzle alternately in each nasal passage. The washing of each nostril takes several seconds. Then the person should blow his nose and once again spray the nose with the drug.

The maximum duration of drug use can last from a week to several months. After each use, the silicone nozzle-tip is thoroughly washed and dried.

The price policy of the drug

Spray "Physiomer" is sold only in pharmacies andbelongs to the category of medical products. The price of the drug, depending on the pharmacy network, may vary slightly. So, the means in the volume of 115 and 135 ml costs about 300 rubles. A bottle in 210 ml will cost 380 - 400 rubles.

The drug can be bought online. Here, buying a medicine will cost more, since the cost will be added to the cost of delivery (courier, mail).

Rules and shelf life

The preparation was produced by the French laboratory "Göhmar SA". The spray is kept under temperature conditions from -4 to 35 ° C in a cool and inaccessible place for children.

Shelf life of the medicinal product is three years.

Reviews of patients about the "Physiomer"

physiomer spray

Spray is considered one of the most effectivedrugs for the treatment of diseases of the nose and nasopharynx. Virtually no negative reviews. People celebrate its natural composition, instant action and effective result. The drug softens crusts well in the nose, especially in young children. Disinfects. Quickly relieves congestion and swelling. Clears the nasal cavity. Some moms spray the nose of the child after visiting the kindergarten. They note that such a preventive measure allows them to stay healthy for a long time and moisturize the nasal mucosa. Many of them compare it with "Aquamaris", whose price for 10 ml is 120 rubles. They say that "Physiomer" costs much less. They consider him an indispensable assistant for the fight against infectious diseases during the cold season.

physiomer spray instruction

It is noted that irrigation of the nasal cavity with medicinalmeans can be of two kinds. This is semi-irrigation when the button is not pressed fully. The jet in this position is not so long and more efficiently handles the nose to young children. It was also noted that the jet of full-fledged pshika reaches a meter, but despite this it acts gently and does not cause any discomfort.

Some are willing to prefer saline to the drug"Physiomer". The spray (the instruction is attached to it), in their opinion, quickly ends. Point out that the effect of drugs is the same, only the first is much cheaper. Negative reviews, where the drug did not help at all, if it was used for its intended purpose, was not met.

The drug can be usedyear-round for preventive purposes. So, in the autumn-winter period, sea water prevents the onset of a cold, ARVI, cold or flu. In the warm season removes seasonal allergies, moisturizes the mucous membrane well, reduces excessive dryness of the nasal cavity.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the “Physiomer” spray today is one of the most effective means to combat diseases of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx.

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