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Spray nasal "Avamis" for children: reviews, prices, description

In the practice of otorhinolaryngologists there arecases when the usual vasoconstrictive drugs for the nose are ineffective. In such situations, children are often prescribed a medicine "Avamis" (nasal spray, drops in the nose). Instructions for use of this drug will be presented to your attention in this article. You will get acquainted with the description of the medicine, as well as learn about its prices and reviews about it. It is worth saying how the health of "Avamis" regulates children's health.

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Composition of the preparation and its description

What contains in its composition the drug "Avamis"(for children)? Feedback from pediatricians, otorhinolaryngologists and the instruction report the following information. Spray is a hormonal drug. However, he is not able to influence the production of his own hormones. The main active substance of the formulation is fluticasone furoate. One dose of the drug (injection) contains 27.5 μg of this substance.

Reviews of nasal spray e "Avamis" talk aboutThe fact that the medication is issued in a vial of orange glass. It is inserted into a special spraying device, which has a cover with a stop. So, if you accidentally press the valve, you can not spray the medicine. Currently, the manufacturer proposes to purchase a bottle containing 30, 60 or 120 doses of medicament, respectively. One pressure on the valve sprays one dose of the drug.

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Use of medicament in children: indications

When should I use Avamis for children? Reviews of different pediatricians and otorhinolaryngologists speak about the following indications for treatment:

  • seasonal allergic reaction to flowering of different plants, accompanied by nasal congestion;
  • in the complex treatment of ENT diseases, when vasoconstrictive medications are impotent;
  • in therapy with correction of adenoiditis and after surgical removal;
  • at a genyantritis and chronic rhinitis.

Sometimes doctors prescribe medication and in other cases. In this case the drug is used in complex therapy.

avasmis spray nasal drops in the nose instructions for use

Contraindications for use

When physicians categorically prohibit the use of the drug "Avamis" for children? The doctors' comments and instructions indicate that the following situations are a direct contraindication to the use of the formulation:

  • the child's age is less than two years;
  • the presence of hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys in acute form;
  • The form of the spray is not used for children under three years of age.

Do not use the medication for a long time. The maximum duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, depending on the nature of the pathology and the severity of the symptoms.

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The drug "Avamis": recall and application

You already know in which cases you are assignedtreatment with this medication. Doctors say that the tool should not be used alone. Uncontrolled use can adversely affect the child's well-being. Feedback from consumers suggests that during the treatment of possible adverse reactions. These include allergic reaction, itching and hives. These phenomena are rare. Often the side effect of the drug is expressed in the form of nasal bleeding. Usually, this effect is experienced during long-term treatment (more than one month).

How is Avamis used for children? The doctors' comments and the instruction on the use suggest that the drug is used in two doses for children who have reached the age of 12. The drug is administered to each nostril. As soon as the symptoms of the disease come on, the dose of the medication is reduced to one in each nasal passage. For children under 6 years of age, the drug is injected one at a time by pressing the valve in each nostril. In a day, it is necessary to apply the medication once. It must be done at the same time.

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Features of use

You already know how the drug "Avamis" is administered to children with adenoids. Reviews about the medication say that the medicine will have a positive and rapid effect only if it is applied correctly.

Before use, shake the bottle infor ten seconds. This is necessary to dilute the suspension. Otherwise, you simply can not enter the dose of nasal spray. After that, press the valve several times. As soon as a cloud appears above the discharge hole, you can apply the medicine.

Instructions for use indicate that,that you need to inject the nebulizer into the child's nostril. After this, ask the baby to tilt his head slightly forward. Then point the nebulizer at the pupil and press the plunger. At the time of spraying, the child must take a deep breath. Remove the nebulizer from the nasal passage and ask the baby to exhale through the mouth. If these conditions are met, the drug is taken directly to the nasal septum. This allows you to achieve the maximum effect of treatment.

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Feedback on the action of the drug

How quickly the medicine begins to act"Avamis" (spray) for adenoids and sinusitis in children? Doctors and patients say that the effect of treatment does not come immediately. Unlike other vasoconstrictive drugs, Avamis does not work so fast, but it is more effective in correcting pathology.

The initial effect of the drug is noted only8 hours after the first administration. The maximum effect is achieved after two days of regular use. Remember that you must follow the prescribed scheme. Otherwise, you will not get a positive action.

The drug "Avamis" from an allergic rhinitis andAdenoids in adults, children helps very well. The active substance has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the nasal passages. It also removes swelling and eliminates obstruction. It should be noted that if the child has a tendency to otitis, then the application of the spray "Avamis" is a vital action. Otherwise, there is a high probability of complications.

Doctors say that the medication does not affectthe work of the kidneys. In the urine of patients, no active substance is found. The period of excretion of the drug from the body is very short. The medication is not delayed in the systemic circulation, and therefore can be used even during pregnancy and lactation (as prescribed by the doctor).

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The cost of a medicine depends on the number of doses

Consumers say that the drug hasquite high cost. However, such a price category is explained by the effectiveness of the medication. Spray nasal "Avamis" with 120 doses will cost you about 800 rubles. If you want to buy a composition containing 60 doses, then you have to pay about 500 rubles for it. It is worth noting that a large package has a more favorable price.

Consumers and pharmacists testify,that if it is necessary to periodically use it is necessary to choose a bottle with a content of 120 doses. If a child once suffered a severe inflammation of the adenoids or sinusitis, then this drug should always be in your medicine cabinet.

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Summing up the article

You became aware of the drug "Avamis". Reviews, instructions, the price of the medication are described in the article. Remember that before using this remedy, you should consult a doctor and get an individual application plan. Otherwise, more often with inept and excessive use of the drug, there may be side effects. If they occur, you should cancel the medication as soon as possible and consult a doctor for advice.

Nasal spray is sometimes recommended for use inform of drops. However, the effectiveness of such treatment has not been proven. All this is due to the fact that during the use of the tool you must follow certain rules. Listen to the doctor's recommendations and be healthy!

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