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Worms: Symptoms and Treatment

Worms, the symptoms of which we will consider, arequite common parasites. Correctly this disease is called - helminthiosis. About three hundred varieties of it are known today. All of them can be divided into extra-intestinal and intestinal. With extraintestinal type, worms can settle in the liver, muscles, lungs and so on. In the second case, they settle directly in the intestine. The most common diseases caused by the presence of worms in the intestine are enterobiasis, as well as ascariasis.

Askaridoz cause worms, which are calledascarids. In length they can reach twenty centimeters. In this case, most of them can be found in the small intestine. Usually, it is very, very difficult to identify them with the help of a conventional stool analysis. In the human body, they can live for years.

Enterobiosis arises from a pinworm - a parasite,which is no more than one centimeter in length. These worms have different edges - one rounded, the other - pointed. Female at night move to the large intestine, lay eggs in the anus on the skin. After that, they die. They can live up to a month and a half in a man.

How does the infection occur?

Worms in humans, the symptoms of which weconsider, can get into the body in a variety of ways. Basically, a person becomes infected by contact with soil that is contaminated with excrement. You can get infected in this case by eating an unwashed vegetable or fruit without washing your hands after the land works and so on.

Flies are peddlers of worms. They often carry the eggs for food, which is on the person's table. It is necessary to be careful and careful when swimming in a pond (especially in rural areas). As a rule, there are always a lot of dangerous parasites in the water. In some cases, the infection comes from domestic animals. Often children become infected.

Worms: symptoms in adults and children

In the adult body, there are many barriers thatprevent the ingress of parasites inside. Destroy the eggs of the worms enzymes, produced in the oral cavity, the stomach acid. Good immunity will help quickly destroy parasites and prevent them from multiplying. The trouble comes to those who do not have such immunity. Parasites hatch and soon begin to breed right inside the person.

Worms, the symptoms are different. The main ones include severe fatigue, migraine, abdominal pain, frequent vomiting, constipation, diarrhea. There is anal itching, salivation is observed, sensitivity to allergens increases. Worms can cause bronchial asthma, rashes on the skin.

The intensity of the symptoms directly depends on the fact,how many parasites in the human body. Species of worms have no special significance. The worms, the symptoms of which we considered, are the most active at night. At this time, itching is especially severe.

Than worms are dangerous

It is recommended to consult a doctor whenoccurrence of the first suspicions on presence of worms. Constipation, diarrhea, bloating - all this can lead to the fact that the intestine stops working properly, its obstruction will appear.

Disease can lead to problems with nervoussystem. A nervous tic may occur. Headache often develops into a strong migraine, which will later appear quite unexpectedly. The disease can cause chronic cough.

Diagnosis, as well as treatment

Diagnostics, as a rule, is carried out by means ofanalysis of feces. Independently treated is not recommended. There are many people's means. They are effective, but there are many effective modern drugs - they are mostly recommended by doctors.

Treatment is carried out at home. Upon its completion, a repeated analysis of the feces is performed.

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