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Three stages of hypertension - take a step back

Increased pressure is the main manifestationhypertensive disease. It begins quite unnoticed, because each of us sometimes has a headache and "knocks" the blood in the temples. And the pressure can increase for weather change or after stress. It is believed that hypertension is a disease of the elderly. However, the symptoms that we just mentioned are signs of the first stage of hypertension.

hypertension 1 degree army

There are three in total.

At the first stage of hypertension, the pressure risesepisodically, under the influence of any external factors. Then it comes back to normal again, and a person can simply not associate some of the symptoms with high blood pressure. After all, not all of us regularly measure it. Nevertheless, hypertension in this stage is already susceptible to diagnosis. If you can detect certain changes at the bottom of the eyeball, and the arterial pressure at rest is between 95-150 or even 100-160 mm Hg. There is a hypertension of 1 degree. The army will already lose such a draftee.

In the second stage of hypertension, a person beginsregularly feel unwell. The headache does not pass by itself. Pressure has to be lowered with medication, which only aggravates the situation. The fact is that the brain "regulates" the work of the heart, and with the help of tablets we deceive it, eliminating the consequences of the disease, and not its causes.

stages of hypertension

Sometimes with self-diagnosis, hypertensiveStage 2 disease is mistakenly defined as meteosensitivity, because its manifestations are still strongly associated with changes in the weather. However, the sensitivity to weather changes is manifested as a change in blood pressure in general, that is, both increase and decrease.

The third stage of hypertension is already seriousa disease accompanied by pathological changes in internal organs. The brain suffers, the heart is enlarged, in some cases the disease spreads to the kidneys and eyes, causes disturbances in the functioning of these organs.

As established by science, hypertension develops ingenetically predisposed to this people. But it seems that there are more of such in the modern world. The disease progresses with malnutrition and a low-activity lifestyle. It develops slowly, sometimes years. But also to treat hypertension is also a lifetime.

Stage II hypertension
If you find that when weather changes,stress and stress, the head begins to hurt regularly, undergo an examination. It is necessary to measure blood pressure more frequently to find out if it is raised relative to the norm of 90-120 mm Hg. Art.
Prevention and treatment of the disease isconduct a healthy lifestyle. Moderate exercise, sports and the use of low-fat, low-fat food will help you take a step back: go from one stage of hypertension to the previous. Everyone who complains of high blood pressure, it is recommended to eat dried fruits on a regular basis and fight overweight, although not too harsh methods.

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