/ / Preparation "Zinc Ointment": instructions for use, composition and contraindications

The drug "Zinc Ointment": instructions for use, composition and contraindications

The drug "Zinc Ointment" refers toantiseptic (disinfecting) agents and has drying and astringent properties. The drug is used to treat various types of skin diseases and pathologies.

Ointment is available for external (local)application. The main active component of the drug is zinc oxide, characterized by the ability to exert a drying effect, which prevents the occurrence and development of maceration phenomena on the skin.

The drug "Zinc Ointment": instructions and indications

The medicinal product is used for carrying outlocal treatment of various origin of the specimen, neurodermatitis, atropic and allergic form of dermatitis. The drug is prescribed to eliminate the negative phenomena of hyperhidrosis of the feet, for the therapy of subacute eczema with various etiological origins. Ointment will help with diaper rash, rosacea, pyoderma, acne, ulcerative skin lesions with predominantly expressed exudation phenomena.

Zinc Ointment: Contraindications

The use of the drug is prohibited with increasedsensitivity of the patient to zinc and its compounds. It is not recommended to use a medicine to get rid of the existing fungal, bacterial and viral skin pathologies, with skin tuberculosis, viral-herpes infection. The drug is contraindicated in chickenpox, benign neoplasms on the skin, pyoderma, athere, cystic abnormalities of the sebaceous glands.

In addition, the list of drug contraindications"Zinc ointment": the instructions for use include acute purulent diseases of the subcutaneous tissues, the presence of trophic ulcers, decubitus, open wounds on the skin surface. It is not allowed to use the medicine for children under 2 years old.

The question of the safety of the pharmacological effect of the drug on pregnant women has not been studied at present.

Zinc Ointment: instructions and side effects

Negative manifestations as a result of treatmentlocal irritations of the skin and the emergence of a dermatological allergic reaction. Patients may feel a burning sensation and a general itch, they have reddening of the skin.
Side effects due to the content of zinc may appear in the blanching of the skin.

Zinc Ointment: instructions and precautions for use

Before starting a self-healingthe use of a pharmacological agent, referring to all contraindications for the use of ointment, it is still necessary to seek medical advice. The maximum period of daily use should not be more than twenty days. It is not necessary to be smeared with means in the field of genitals and a head.

The drug "Zinc Ointment", the composition of whichdetermines the oxide in combination with vaseline, slows down the work of inflators of inflammation - active substances that cause the expansion of capillaries, accumulation in the tissues of fluid and other changes inherent in the inflammatory process. Thus, the drug is effective for insect bites, boils (after opening), acne, bedsores and dermatitis.

To feel relief, it is necessary to inflictointment on the affected area. In a few hours it will be noticeable that the skin has turned a little pale and tension has passed, and the soreness of the focus has decreased significantly.

One of the advantages of zinc ointment is that,that the preparation does not demand special accuracy at a dosage and practically does not represent danger to an organism. And on the application of the patients, almost no difficulties. The agent is successfully used both in clinical conditions and in self-treatment.

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