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Is it possible to squash a nursing mother? We'll find out!

For every baby the most valuable foodis breast milk. The use of it, no doubt, is known to all. Together with it useful substances and trace elements enter the children's organism, helping your baby to get stronger. However, quite often the young mother, not knowing some of the requirements for her nutrition, uses products that can cause negative reactions in the crumbs. Especially many temptations cause vegetables at the end of the winter season. And a little later comes the time of early tomatoes, zucchini, pepper, etc.

is it possible to squash a nursing mother
Let's consider this question: "Can zucchini nursing mom?" In the summer, it is very difficult to resist, so as not to try those or other gifts from the beds. Perhaps, many are happy to eat caviar, and pancakes are no less tasty. It is also worth remembering the composition of these vegetables: they contain vitamins such as A, E, C, H, PP, group B. It is very useful, is not it? But is it possible to squash the nursing mother? Why not? After all, for babies, as a first meal, they usually take puree from this vegetable, except that some people choose broccoli. Excellent digestion of their children's body and the absence of any contraindications is another of the advantages of zucchini before other gifts of nature. Do not forget about the mineral composition of the vegetable, because it contains potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, which is also necessary for the normal development of crumbs.

Pediatricians on the question of whether it is possible zucchininursing mother during a strict diet, respond positively. Dishes from young zucchini are not only pleasant to taste, but have a number of useful properties. For example, a beneficial effect on the intestines, which is very important for both mother and baby. Soft stimulation of the work of the gastrointestinal tract, rendering healing effect on the mucous membrane, refer these vegetables to the number of the first products that are resolved even in the postoperative period.

can you nursing mom zucchini

The presence of protein and low fiber contentis a rather weighty argument "for" in deciding the question of whether zucchini can be nursed to a mother? As you know, an abundance of fiber can cause anxiety in the child, provoking colic in the abdomen. Therefore, it is worth eating as little as possible products containing such a component. So it will be calmer for you, and your crumb is less uncomfortable. By the way, a useful vegetable is about 95% composed of structured water, which makes zucchini low-calorie and slightly diuretic. Which, of course, entails the need for frequent diaper changes. But this, of course, is not so catastrophic, because you will not eat only zucchini.

can I breastfeed mother zucchini
Thus, the answer to what we are consideringquestion - you can! Nursing mothers of vegetable marrows are also allowed because they are hypoallergenic. Perhaps the only nuance that should be considered when introducing the product into your diet is the following: if you did not eat dishes from the mentioned vegetable during the pregnancy, then for the first time try it a little bit and follow the child's reaction. Perhaps he will not like this menu.

In the rest, as already noted, the question "can the nursing mother zucchini" and doctors, and counselors for breastfeeding answer in the affirmative.

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