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The drug "Avamis". Reviews. Description. Instructions

Spray "Avamis" is intended only forintranasal use. The drug is recommended as a symptomatic treatment for allergic rhinitis. The active substance is a fluticasone furoate. This component has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

The drug "Avamis" (the instruction, the experts' reviews confirm this) is prescribed to patients from the age of six.

Patients with a 12-year-old age are recommendedstart treatment with two injections in each nostril once a day. One injection takes 27.5 mg of the drug. The total daily dosage is 110 μg.

After alleviating the symptoms of rhinitis, the drug"Avamis" (reviews and comments of doctors indicate this) it is advisable to continue to apply in a maintenance dosage - one injection into each nostril once a day. In a day, therefore, the total dose is 55 μg.

Children from six to eleven years of age areone injection once a day in each nostril. If necessary, the doctor can recommend double the dosage. After relief of symptoms, the dosage is reduced to the initial one.

For patients in the elderly, dose adjustments are not required.

The medicine "Avamis" (experts' reviews confirm this) should be used regularly. Thus, the optimal therapeutic effect is achieved.

As observations show, the effect of the drugis noted after eight hours. The maximum therapeutic effectiveness is noted after a few days from the beginning of application. The duration of the drug "Avamis" (reviews and comments of doctors indicate this) should be limited to the period of exposure to the allergen.

Before using the medication, you need to make sure the vial is intact.

Without removing the cap, you should shake the can. After that, you need to press the metering button, releasing the spray into the air.

Before injection, it is recommended to clean the nasal passages.

Slightly tilting the head forward, you should enter the dispenser into the nostril. The bottle should be kept upright.

The nozzle tip is directed to the side opposite to the nose bridge.

It is recommended to inject, while inhaling nose.

After the administration of the drug, the tip is taken out of the nose, exhaled with the mouth. To inject into another nostril, the indicated actions are repeated.

Use the bottle carefully, avoiding getting medicine in the eyes. If this happens, you need to wash your eyes with warm water.

The drug "Avamis" is not assigned with increased sensitivity to components.

When using a medicine, it is likelyoccurrence of nasal bleeding. In some cases, ulcers develop on the mucous membranes of the nose. As a rule, bleeding can be moderate or mild. Most often they occur with prolonged use of the drug. If you follow the recommendations in the annotation, the medicine is well tolerated.

In patients who are predisposed to manifestations of hypersensitivity reactions, hives, angioedema or anaphylactic shock may occur.

When using the drug "Avamis" with severe liver failure, special care must be taken.

It is not recommended simultaneous use of the drug with the drug "Ritonavir".

About the drug "Avamis" reviews of patients inMost cases are positive. Many of those who used the medication say that they refused to use vasoconstrictors, which they had to use for a long period. Patients indicate the speed and effectiveness of the drug.

Despite the rather large number of positive reviews about the drug "Avamis", its use must be agreed with the doctor.

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