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How to treat laryngitis: folk methods and practical advice

Laryngitis is associated with inflammation of the larynx caused byinfectious diseases of the throat. With insufficient treatment, it easily passes into a chronic form, which causes severe discomfort. Therefore, be able to recognize the symptoms of the disease

How is laryngitis treated?
in time and know how to treat laryngitis, will always be useful.

Symptoms of the disease

Laryngitis can cause a cold disease,Smoking, exposure to chemical irritants or smoke. Sometimes the symptoms appear in those who have long shouted or spoke. There is a sensation of an irritated throat, the voice becomes hoarse. People whose occupation is associated with a constant exposure to steam, dust, smoke or chemical irritants, the symptoms become chronic. With acute laryngitis, the process of speaking is accompanied by a pain in the throat. With a chronic voice, it always remains hoarse and low, even if the ligaments are not stressed for a while. Sometimes the cause of this condition is the ingestion of gastric juice from the stomach into the larynx, so it will never be a wrong decision to apply for a full diagnosis to a doctor. The way laryngitis is treated in such situations is very different from the usual recommendations, therefore, without taking measures, you can cause an exacerbation of the disease.

Treatment of laryngitis

The acute form of the disease, as a rule, is caused by viral

How to treat chronic laryngitis?
infections. Therefore, advice on how to treat laryngitis at home is usually offered relief of symptoms for a period of recovery. It is recommended to fight infection with the drug "Ampicillin". Of great importance is hydration, since the throat should remain moist for a speedy recovery. Sometimes you can drink also juices or herbal tea with honey. A hot drink soothes irritation. Honey is a natural antibacterial. From coffee or carbonated drinks during illness should be discarded. If such measures seem to be inadequate, try to dissolve the Imudon tablets and gargle with the drug Geksoral. Medication "Mukaltin" and "Tussin" will exert an expectorant effect. Soon the acute laryngitis can be forgotten. And how to treat chronic laryngitis? The rules are the same as for the acute. In addition, you need to try to eliminate the source of the problem, for example, quit smoking or limit the type of activity associated with dust or vapors. Also, try to talk as little as possible to give the ligaments an opportunity to rest and recover.

Folk remedies for laryngitis

How to treat laryngitis at home?

Home remedies are often not inferior in pharmacy efficiency. How is laryngitis treated with folk remedies? Most often, recipes include honey or lemon juice.
Lemon kills pathogenic microorganisms andstimulates copious salivation. If in its pure form such a medicine seems too tasteless, the juice can be mixed with water or honey, washed down with tea. How is laryngitis treated with inhalation? Inhalation of moist air significantly improves the patient's condition, so sometimes it is enough to take a hot shower or breathe over a bowl of hot water, covering your head with a terry towel or a wide scarf. You can also do inhalation with boiled potatoes. A couple of steamy tubers in a bowl will have a beneficial effect on the irritated throat condition.

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